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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIWebBrowser;
interface nsIDocShellTreeItem;

 * nsIWebBrowserChrome corresponds to the top-level, outermost window
 * containing an embedded Gecko web browser.

[scriptable, uuid(BA434C60-9D52-11d3-AFB0-00A024FFC08C)]
interface nsIWebBrowserChrome : nsISupports
    const unsigned long STATUS_SCRIPT         = 0x00000001;
    const unsigned long STATUS_SCRIPT_DEFAULT = 0x00000002;
    const unsigned long STATUS_LINK           = 0x00000003;

     * Called when the status text in the chrome needs to be updated.
     * @param statusType indicates what is setting the text
     * @param status status string. null is an acceptable value meaning
     *               no status.
    void setStatus(in unsigned long statusType, in wstring status);

     * The currently loaded WebBrowser.  The browser chrome may be
     * told to set the WebBrowser object to a new object by setting this
     * attribute.  In this case the implementer is responsible for taking the 
     * new WebBrowser object and doing any necessary initialization or setup 
     * as if it had created the WebBrowser itself.  This includes positioning
     * setting up listeners etc.
    attribute nsIWebBrowser webBrowser;

     * Definitions for the chrome flags
    const unsigned long CHROME_DEFAULT          = 0x00000001;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_BORDERS   = 0x00000002;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_CLOSE     = 0x00000004;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_RESIZE    = 0x00000008;
    const unsigned long CHROME_MENUBAR          = 0x00000010;
    const unsigned long CHROME_TOOLBAR          = 0x00000020;
    const unsigned long CHROME_LOCATIONBAR      = 0x00000040;
    const unsigned long CHROME_STATUSBAR        = 0x00000080;
    const unsigned long CHROME_PERSONAL_TOOLBAR = 0x00000100;
    const unsigned long CHROME_SCROLLBARS       = 0x00000200;
    const unsigned long CHROME_TITLEBAR         = 0x00000400;
    const unsigned long CHROME_EXTRA            = 0x00000800;
    // createBrowserWindow specific flags
    const unsigned long CHROME_WITH_SIZE        = 0x00001000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WITH_POSITION    = 0x00002000;

    // special cases
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_MIN       = 0x00004000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_POPUP     = 0x00008000;

    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_RAISED    = 0x02000000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_WINDOW_LOWERED   = 0x04000000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_CENTER_SCREEN    = 0x08000000;

    // Make the new window dependent on the parent.  This flag is only
    // meaningful if CHROME_OPENAS_CHROME is set; content windows should not be
    // dependent.
    const unsigned long CHROME_DEPENDENT        = 0x10000000;

    // Note: The modal style bit just affects the way the window looks and does
    //       mean it's actually modal.
    const unsigned long CHROME_MODAL            = 0x20000000; 
    const unsigned long CHROME_OPENAS_DIALOG    = 0x40000000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_OPENAS_CHROME    = 0x80000000;
    const unsigned long CHROME_ALL              = 0x00000ffe;
     * The chrome flags for this browser chrome. The implementation should
     * reflect the value of this attribute by hiding or showing its chrome
     * appropriately.
    attribute unsigned long chromeFlags;

     * Asks the implementer to destroy the window associated with this
     * WebBrowser object.
    void destroyBrowserWindow();

     * Tells the chrome to size itself such that the browser will be the 
     * specified size.
     * @param aCX new width of the browser
     * @param aCY new height of the browser
    void sizeBrowserTo(in long aCX, in long aCY);
     * Shows the window as a modal window.
     * @return (the function error code) the status value specified by
     *         in exitModalEventLoop.
    void showAsModal();
     * Is the window modal (that is, currently executing a modal loop)?
     * @return true if it's a modal window
    boolean isWindowModal();

     * Exit a modal event loop if we're in one. The implementation
     * should also exit out of the loop if the window is destroyed.
     * @param aStatus - the result code to return from showAsModal
    void exitModalEventLoop(in nsresult aStatus);