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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMNode;

 * An interface implemented by a tooltip text provider service. This
 * service is called to discover what tooltip text is associated
 * with the node that the pointer is positioned over.
 * Embedders may implement and register their own tooltip text provider
 * service if they wish to provide different tooltip text. 
 * The default service returns the text stored in the TITLE
 * attribute of the node or a containing parent.
 * @note
 * The tooltip text provider service is registered with the contract
 * @see nsITooltipListener
 * @see nsIComponentManager
 * @see nsIDOMNode
[scriptable, uuid(b128a1e6-44f3-4331-8fbe-5af360ff21ee)]
interface nsITooltipTextProvider : nsISupports
     * Called to obtain the tooltip text for a node.
     * @arg aNode The node to obtain the text from.
     * @arg aText The tooltip text.
     * @return <CODE>PR_TRUE</CODE> if tooltip text is associated
     *         with the node and was returned in the aText argument;
     *         <CODE>PR_FALSE</CODE> otherwise.
    boolean getNodeText(in nsIDOMNode aNode, out wstring aText);