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Bug 1383682 - Part 1. Split off imgRequestProxy notification deferrals for validation. r=tnikkel When cache validation is in progress, imgRequestProxy defers its notifications to its listener until the validation is complete. This is because the cache may be discarded, and the current state will change. It attempted to share the same flags with notification deferrals used by ProgressTracker to indicate that there is a pending notification, but this has problematic/confusing. Hence this patch creates dedicated flags for notification deferrals due to cache validation.

This directory contains common Python code.

The basic rule is that if Python code is cross-module (that's "module" in the
Mozilla meaning - as in "module ownership") and is MPL-compatible, it should
go here.

What should not go here:

* Vendored python modules (use third_party/python instead)
* Python that is not MPL-compatible (see other-licenses/)
* Python that has good reason to remain close to its "owning" (Mozilla)
  module (e.g. it is only being consumed from there).

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