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Bug 1520149 - Also disable the machine outliner on Android when LTO is enabled. r=dmajor Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D16790

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#ifndef mozilla_EventQueue_h
#define mozilla_EventQueue_h

#include "mozilla/AbstractEventQueue.h"
#include "mozilla/Queue.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsIRunnable;

namespace mozilla {

class EventQueue final : public AbstractEventQueue {
  static const bool SupportsPrioritization = false;

  EventQueue() {}
  explicit EventQueue(EventPriority aPriority);

  void PutEvent(already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable>&& aEvent, EventPriority aPriority,
                const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final;
  already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable> GetEvent(
      EventPriority* aPriority, const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final;

  bool IsEmpty(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final;
  bool HasReadyEvent(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final;
  bool HasPendingHighPriorityEvents(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final {
    // EventQueue doesn't support any prioritization.
    return false;

  size_t Count(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) const final;
  already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable> PeekEvent(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock);

  void EnableInputEventPrioritization(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final {
  void FlushInputEventPrioritization(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final {}
  void SuspendInputEventPrioritization(
      const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final {}
  void ResumeInputEventPrioritization(const MutexAutoLock& aProofOfLock) final {

  size_t SizeOfExcludingThis(
      mozilla::MallocSizeOf aMallocSizeOf) const override {
    return mQueue.ShallowSizeOfExcludingThis(aMallocSizeOf);

  mozilla::Queue<nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable>> mQueue;

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_EventQueue_h