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Bug 1520149 - Also disable the machine outliner on Android when LTO is enabled. r=dmajor Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D16790

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#ifndef nsServiceManagerUtils_h__
#define nsServiceManagerUtils_h__

#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsString.h"

inline const nsGetServiceByCID do_GetService(const nsCID& aCID) {
  return nsGetServiceByCID(aCID);

inline const nsGetServiceByCIDWithError do_GetService(const nsCID& aCID,
                                                      nsresult* aError) {
  return nsGetServiceByCIDWithError(aCID, aError);

inline const nsGetServiceByContractID do_GetService(const char* aContractID) {
  return nsGetServiceByContractID(aContractID);

inline const nsGetServiceByContractIDWithError do_GetService(
    const char* aContractID, nsresult* aError) {
  return nsGetServiceByContractIDWithError(aContractID, aError);

class MOZ_STACK_CLASS nsGetServiceFromCategory final : public nsCOMPtr_helper {
  nsGetServiceFromCategory(const nsACString& aCategory,
                           const nsACString& aEntry, nsresult* aErrorPtr)
      : mCategory(aCategory), mEntry(aEntry), mErrorPtr(aErrorPtr) {}

  virtual nsresult NS_FASTCALL operator()(const nsIID&, void**) const override;

  const nsCString mCategory;
  const nsCString mEntry;
  nsresult* mErrorPtr;

inline const nsGetServiceFromCategory do_GetServiceFromCategory(
    const nsACString& aCategory, const nsACString& aEntry,
    nsresult* aError = 0) {
  return nsGetServiceFromCategory(aCategory, aEntry, aError);

nsresult CallGetService(const nsCID& aClass, const nsIID& aIID, void** aResult);

nsresult CallGetService(const char* aContractID, const nsIID& aIID,
                        void** aResult);

// type-safe shortcuts for calling |GetService|
template <class DestinationType>
inline nsresult CallGetService(const nsCID& aClass,
                               DestinationType** aDestination) {
  MOZ_ASSERT(aDestination, "null parameter");

  return CallGetService(aClass, NS_GET_TEMPLATE_IID(DestinationType),

template <class DestinationType>
inline nsresult CallGetService(const char* aContractID,
                               DestinationType** aDestination) {
  MOZ_ASSERT(aContractID, "null parameter");
  MOZ_ASSERT(aDestination, "null parameter");

  return CallGetService(aContractID, NS_GET_TEMPLATE_IID(DestinationType),