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Bug 979133 - Add facility to log the restyle process. r=dbaron Set the MOZ_DEBUG_RESTYLE environment variable and every restyle will have detailed logging printed to stderr. By default, restyles for animations are not logged; you can include them by also setting MOZ_DEBUG_RESTYLE_ANIMATIONS. If you wish to limit restyle logging to a particular change, you can call nsPresContext::StartRestyleLogging() and nsPresContext::StopRestyleLogging() at appropriate points. (You might want to add a couple of helper methods temporarily on nsIDocument and then expose them to your page with Web IDL to make them easier to call.) You do not need to have set MOZ_DEBUG_RESTYLE for this to work.

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#ifndef mozilla_RestyleTrackerInlines_h
#define mozilla_RestyleTrackerInlines_h

  return mRestyleManager->ShouldLogRestyle();

  return mRestyleManager->LoggingDepth();

#endif // !defined(mozilla_RestyleTrackerInlines_h)