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Bug 1368776 - Part 15. Cache flags passed to ImageResource::GetImageContainerImpl for consistency. r=tnikkel When FLAG_HIGH_QUALITY_SCALING is used, we need to make sure we continue using that flag when we update the container. We should also use it for comparing whether or not an existing image container is equivalent.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;
interface nsIRunnable;

[scriptable, uuid(2f712b52-19c5-4e0c-9e8f-b5c7c3b67049)]
interface nsIUploadChannel2 : nsISupports
     * Sets a stream to be uploaded by this channel with the specified
     * Content-Type and Content-Length header values.
     * Most implementations of this interface require that the stream:
     *   (1) implement threadsafe addRef and release
     *   (2) implement nsIInputStream::readSegments
     *   (3) implement nsISeekableStream::seek
     * @param aStream
     *        The stream to be uploaded by this channel.
     * @param aContentType
     *        This value will replace any existing Content-Type
     *        header on the HTTP request, regardless of whether
     *        or not its empty.
     * @param aContentLength
     *        A value of -1 indicates that the length of the stream should be
     *        determined by calling the stream's |available| method.
     * @param aMethod
     *        The HTTP request method to set on the stream.
     * @param aStreamHasHeaders
     *        True if the stream already contains headers for the HTTP request.
    void explicitSetUploadStream(in nsIInputStream aStream,
                                 in ACString aContentType,
                                 in long long aContentLength,
                                 in ACString aMethod,
                                 in boolean aStreamHasHeaders);

     * Value of aStreamHasHeaders from the last successful call to
     * explicitSetUploadStream.  TRUE indicates the attached upload stream
     * contians request headers.
    readonly attribute boolean uploadStreamHasHeaders;

     * Ensure the upload stream, if any, is cloneable.  This may involve
     * async copying, so a callback runnable must be provided.  It will
     * invoked on the current thread when the upload stream is ready
     * for cloning.  If the stream is already cloneable, then the callback
     * will be invoked synchronously.
    void ensureUploadStreamIsCloneable(in nsIRunnable aCallback);

     * Clones the upload stream.  May return failure if the upload stream
     * is not cloneable.  If this is not acceptable, use the
     * ensureUploadStreamIsCloneable() method first.
    nsIInputStream cloneUploadStream();