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Bug 1368776 - Part 15. Cache flags passed to ImageResource::GetImageContainerImpl for consistency. r=tnikkel When FLAG_HIGH_QUALITY_SCALING is used, we need to make sure we continue using that flag when we update the container. We should also use it for comparing whether or not an existing image container is equivalent.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIChannel;
interface nsIProxyInfo;
interface nsICancelable;

 * This interface serves as a closure for nsIProtocolProxyService's
 * asyncResolve method.
[scriptable, uuid(fbb6eff6-0cc2-4d99-8d6f-0a12b462bdeb)]
interface nsIProtocolProxyCallback : nsISupports
   * This method is called when proxy info is available or when an error
   * in the proxy resolution occurs.
   * @param aRequest
   *        The value returned from asyncResolve.
   * @param aChannel
   *        The channel passed to asyncResolve.
   * @param aProxyInfo
   *        The resulting proxy info or null if there is no associated proxy
   *        info for aURI.  As with the result of nsIProtocolProxyService's
   *        resolve method, a null result implies that a direct connection
   *        should be used.
   * @param aStatus
   *        The status of the callback.  This is a failure code if the request
   *        could not be satisfied, in which case the value of aStatus
   *        indicates the reason for the failure and aProxyInfo will be null.
  void onProxyAvailable(in nsICancelable aRequest,
                        in nsIChannel aChannel,
                        in nsIProxyInfo aProxyInfo,
                        in nsresult aStatus);