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bug 1355961 - add some sccache stats to build_metrics. r=gps This commit makes sccache dump JSON stats at the end of the build, and then reads them in `BuildScript.generate_build_stats` and adds them to the build_metrics we submit to Perfherder. The stats dumping is done in where we currently dump verbose sccache stats because sccache doesn't persist stats to disk right now and it will also shut down its server process after 5 minutes, so when the post-build automation steps take more than 5 minutes the server shuts down and the stats are lost. Currently it's collecting: * Cache hit rate * Cache write errors * Non-cacheable requests (compiler invocations that sccache can't cache) We can always grow this list later. MozReview-Commit-ID: J9CwU7XB05I

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