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Bug 1265082 - ESLint jobs are apparently hitting the network r=me,dustin,pbro,jryans So a few changes here: - node_modules is downloaded using tooltool so that we dont need to rely on external infrastructure. - We have a npm-shrinkwrap.json file that version locks all of our node packages. - eslint, eslint-plugin-mozilla etc. are now all installed locally. In reality this means that we don't hit the network and we don't force users into installing global packages. ./mach eslint --setup has also been improved. We install packages locally and display the path of the user's eslint binary (useful for configuring editors). eslint-plugin-mozilla has been moved from testing/eslint-plugin-mozilla to /testing/eslint/eslint-plugin-mozilla. The node_modules directory for eslint and other plugins is located in testing/eslint/. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4SFSxzka6BS

.. _no-cpows-in-tests:


Rule Details

This rule checks if the file is a browser mochitest and, if so, checks for
possible CPOW usage by checking for the following strings:

- "gBrowser.contentWindow"
- "gBrowser.contentDocument"
- "gBrowser.selectedBrowser.contentWindow"
- "browser.contentDocument"
- "window.content"
- "content"
- "content."

Note: These are string matches so we will miss situations where the parent
object is assigned to another variable e.g.::

   var b = gBrowser;
   b.content // Would not be detected as a CPOW.