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#include "nsHttpConnectionInfo.h"
#include "nsPrintfCString.h"

nsHttpConnectionInfo::SetOriginServer(const nsACString &host, PRInt32 port)
    mHost = host;
    mPort = port == -1 ? DefaultPort() : port;

    // build hash key:
    // the hash key uniquely identifies the connection type.  two connections
    // are "equal" if they end up talking the same protocol to the same server
    // and are both used for anonymous or non-anonymous connection only;
    // anonymity of the connection is setup later from nsHttpChannel::AsyncOpen
    // where we know we use anonymous connection (LOAD_ANONYMOUS load flag)

    const char *keyHost;
    PRInt32 keyPort;

    if (mUsingHttpProxy && !mUsingSSL) {
        keyHost = ProxyHost();
        keyPort = ProxyPort();
    else {
        keyHost = Host();
        keyPort = Port();


    if (mUsingHttpProxy)
        mHashKey.SetCharAt('P', 0);
    if (mUsingSSL)
        mHashKey.SetCharAt('S', 1);

    // NOTE: for transparent proxies (e.g., SOCKS) we need to encode the proxy
    // type in the hash key (this ensures that we will continue to speak the
    // right protocol even if our proxy preferences change).
    if (!mUsingHttpProxy && ProxyHost()) {
        mHashKey.AppendLiteral(" (");

nsHttpConnectionInfo::Clone() const
    nsHttpConnectionInfo* clone = new nsHttpConnectionInfo(mHost, mPort, mProxyInfo, mUsingSSL);
    if (!clone)
        return nsnull;

    // Make sure the anonymous flag is transferred!
    clone->SetAnonymous(mHashKey.CharAt(2) == 'A');
    return clone;