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Bug 1352602 - Part 2: Use build system SDK versions in Gradle configurations. r=maliu This patch does two things: - add a Gradle-only ANDROID_COMPILE_SDK_VERSION substitution; - uses it while uniformizing all of the Gradle Android SDK version configurations. The approach is fairly standard (and we were using it already); see, for example https://medium.com/@ali.muzaffar/gradle-configure-variables-for-all-android-project-modules-in-one-place-5a6e56cd384e This will make bumping the Gradle configuration versions forward easier. MozReview-Commit-ID: 1j5siCvR5qt

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# This file is necessary to "bootstrap" the test case for the test_build
# test, because of the requirement of the top-level directory containing
# config/*.mk.
DIRS += [