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Bug 1050664 - 1. Fix IsDormantNeeded() function. 2. Invoke mSource->stop at the suspend code path that will rewind the sampletable implicitly. r=cpearce

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#include <utils/threads.h>

#include <mozilla/CheckedInt.h>

#include "MediaData.h"

#include "I420ColorConverterHelper.h"
#include "MediaCodecProxy.h"
#include "MediaOmxCommonReader.h"

namespace android {
struct ALooper;
struct AMessage;

class MOZ_EXPORT MediaExtractor;
class MOZ_EXPORT MediaBuffer;
struct MOZ_EXPORT MediaSource;
struct MediaCodec;
} // namespace android

namespace mozilla {

class MediaTaskQueue;

class MediaCodecReader : public MediaOmxCommonReader
  MediaCodecReader(AbstractMediaDecoder* aDecoder);
  virtual ~MediaCodecReader();

  // Initializes the reader, returns NS_OK on success, or NS_ERROR_FAILURE
  // on failure.
  virtual nsresult Init(MediaDecoderReader* aCloneDonor);

  // True if this reader is waiting media resource allocation
  virtual bool IsWaitingMediaResources();

  // True when this reader need to become dormant state
  virtual bool IsDormantNeeded();

  // Release media resources they should be released in dormant state
  virtual void ReleaseMediaResources();

  // Destroys the decoding state. The reader cannot be made usable again.
  // This is different from ReleaseMediaResources() as Shutdown() is
  // irreversible, whereas ReleaseMediaResources() is reversible.
  virtual void Shutdown();

  // Flush the MediaTaskQueue, flush MediaCodec and raise the mDiscontinuity.
  virtual nsresult ResetDecode() MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  // Disptach a DecodeVideoFrameTask to decode video data.
  virtual void RequestVideoData(bool aSkipToNextKeyframe,
                                int64_t aTimeThreshold) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  // Disptach a DecodeAduioDataTask to decode video data.
  virtual void RequestAudioData() MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual bool HasAudio();
  virtual bool HasVideo();

  // Read header data for all bitstreams in the file. Fills aInfo with
  // the data required to present the media, and optionally fills *aTags
  // with tag metadata from the file.
  // Returns NS_OK on success, or NS_ERROR_FAILURE on failure.
  virtual nsresult ReadMetadata(MediaInfo* aInfo,
                                MetadataTags** aTags);

  // Moves the decode head to aTime microseconds. aStartTime and aEndTime
  // denote the start and end times of the media in usecs, and aCurrentTime
  // is the current playback position in microseconds.
  virtual nsresult Seek(int64_t aTime,
                        int64_t aStartTime,
                        int64_t aEndTime,
                        int64_t aCurrentTime);

  virtual bool IsMediaSeekable() MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual android::sp<android::MediaSource> GetAudioOffloadTrack();

  struct TrackInputCopier
    virtual bool Copy(android::MediaBuffer* aSourceBuffer,
                      android::sp<android::ABuffer> aCodecBuffer);

  struct Track

    // pipeline parameters
    android::sp<android::MediaSource> mSource;
    bool mSourceIsStopped;
    android::sp<android::MediaCodecProxy> mCodec;
    android::Vector<android::sp<android::ABuffer> > mInputBuffers;
    android::Vector<android::sp<android::ABuffer> > mOutputBuffers;

    // pipeline copier
    nsAutoPtr<TrackInputCopier> mInputCopier;

    // media parameters
    int64_t mDurationUs;

    // playback parameters
    CheckedUint32 mInputIndex;
    // mDiscontinuity, mFlushed, mInputEndOfStream, mInputEndOfStream,
    // mSeekTimeUs don't be protected by a lock because the
    // mTaskQueue->Flush() will flush all tasks.
    bool mInputEndOfStream;
    bool mOutputEndOfStream;
    int64_t mSeekTimeUs;
    bool mFlushed; // meaningless when mSeekTimeUs is invalid.
    bool mDiscontinuity;
    nsRefPtr<MediaTaskQueue> mTaskQueue;

  // Receive a message from MessageHandler.
  // Called on MediaCodecReader::mLooper thread.
  void onMessageReceived(const android::sp<android::AMessage>& aMessage);

  // Receive a notify from ResourceListener.
  // Called on Binder thread.
  virtual void codecReserved(Track& aTrack);
  virtual void codecCanceled(Track& aTrack);

  // An intermediary class that can be managed by android::sp<T>.
  // Redirect onMessageReceived() to MediaCodecReader.
  class MessageHandler : public android::AHandler
    MessageHandler(MediaCodecReader* aReader);

    virtual void onMessageReceived(const android::sp<android::AMessage>& aMessage);

    // Forbidden
    MessageHandler() MOZ_DELETE;
    MessageHandler(const MessageHandler& rhs) MOZ_DELETE;
    const MessageHandler& operator=(const MessageHandler& rhs) MOZ_DELETE;

    MediaCodecReader *mReader;
  friend class MessageHandler;

  // An intermediary class that can be managed by android::sp<T>.
  // Redirect codecReserved() and codecCanceled() to MediaCodecReader.
  class VideoResourceListener : public android::MediaCodecProxy::CodecResourceListener
    VideoResourceListener(MediaCodecReader* aReader);

    virtual void codecReserved();
    virtual void codecCanceled();

    // Forbidden
    VideoResourceListener() MOZ_DELETE;
    VideoResourceListener(const VideoResourceListener& rhs) MOZ_DELETE;
    const VideoResourceListener& operator=(const VideoResourceListener& rhs) MOZ_DELETE;

    MediaCodecReader* mReader;
  friend class VideoResourceListener;

  class VorbisInputCopier : public TrackInputCopier
    virtual bool Copy(android::MediaBuffer* aSourceBuffer,
                      android::sp<android::ABuffer> aCodecBuffer);

  struct AudioTrack : public Track

  struct VideoTrack : public Track

    int32_t mWidth;
    int32_t mHeight;
    int32_t mStride;
    int32_t mSliceHeight;
    int32_t mColorFormat;
    int32_t mRotation;
    nsIntSize mFrameSize;
    nsIntRect mPictureRect;
    gfx::IntRect mRelativePictureRect;

  struct CodecBufferInfo

    android::sp<android::ABuffer> mBuffer;
    size_t mIndex;
    size_t mOffset;
    size_t mSize;
    int64_t mTimeUs;
    uint32_t mFlags;

  // Forbidden
  MediaCodecReader() MOZ_DELETE;
  const MediaCodecReader& operator=(const MediaCodecReader& rhs) MOZ_DELETE;

  bool ReallocateResources();
  void ReleaseCriticalResources();
  void ReleaseResources();

  bool CreateLooper();
  void DestroyLooper();

  bool CreateExtractor();
  void DestroyExtractor();

  bool CreateMediaSources();
  void DestroyMediaSources();

  bool CreateMediaCodecs();
  static bool CreateMediaCodec(android::sp<android::ALooper>& aLooper,
                               Track& aTrack,
                               bool aAsync,
                               android::wp<android::MediaCodecProxy::CodecResourceListener> aListener);
  static bool ConfigureMediaCodec(Track& aTrack);
  void DestroyMediaCodecs();
  static void DestroyMediaCodecs(Track& aTrack);

  bool CreateTaskQueues();
  void ShutdownTaskQueues();
  bool DecodeVideoFrameTask(int64_t aTimeThreshold);
  bool DecodeVideoFrameSync(int64_t aTimeThreshold);
  bool DecodeAudioDataTask();
  bool DecodeAudioDataSync();
  void DispatchVideoTask(int64_t aTimeThreshold);
  void DispatchAudioTask();
  inline bool CheckVideoResources() {
    return (HasVideo() && mVideoTrack.mSource != nullptr &&

  inline bool CheckAudioResources() {
    return (HasAudio() && mAudioTrack.mSource != nullptr &&

  bool UpdateDuration();
  bool UpdateAudioInfo();
  bool UpdateVideoInfo();

  static android::status_t FlushCodecData(Track& aTrack);
  static android::status_t FillCodecInputData(Track& aTrack);
  static android::status_t GetCodecOutputData(Track& aTrack,
                                              CodecBufferInfo& aBuffer,
                                              int64_t aThreshold,
                                              const TimeStamp& aTimeout);
  static bool EnsureCodecFormatParsed(Track& aTrack);

  uint8_t* GetColorConverterBuffer(int32_t aWidth, int32_t aHeight);
  void ClearColorConverterBuffer();

  android::sp<MessageHandler> mHandler;
  android::sp<VideoResourceListener> mVideoListener;

  android::sp<android::ALooper> mLooper;
  android::sp<android::MediaExtractor> mExtractor;

  // media tracks
  AudioTrack mAudioTrack;
  VideoTrack mVideoTrack;
  AudioTrack mAudioOffloadTrack; // only Track::mSource is valid

  // color converter
  android::I420ColorConverterHelper mColorConverter;
  nsAutoArrayPtr<uint8_t> mColorConverterBuffer;
  size_t mColorConverterBufferSize;

} // namespace mozilla