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Bug 567077 - Sniff types of media files that are served with no Content-Type. r=cpearce

  <title>Testing Mixed Up Microformat APIs</title>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/tests/SimpleTest/EventUtils.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"></link>
<body id="contentbody">
  <div id="testhere">
    <!-- Frames -->
      <frame id="frame1">
          <span class="notAMicroformat" id="notme">
            <abbr> class="foo">I am not a microformat</abbr>
            <abbr> class="title">Foolish title, not a format</abbr>
      <frame id="frame2">
        <div class="vcalendar">
          <span class="vevent" id="15-calendar-xml-lang">
            <a class="url" href="">
            <span class="summary">Web 2.0 Conference</span>: 
            <abbr class="dtend" title="2005-10-08">7</abbr>,
            at the <span class="location">Argent Hotel, San Francisco, CA</span>

  <div id="content">
    <!-- some really messed up markup-->
    <p class="vcard" id="23-abbr-title-everything">
      <div id="random div no ending div either">
      <abbr class="fn" title="John Doe">foo</abbr>
      <span class="n"/>
      <abbr class="foo" title="JJ">jj</abbr>
      <abbr class="free" title="2006-04-04">April 4, 2006</abbr>
      <span class="adr">
        <abbr class="invalid" title="Box 1234">B. 1234</abbr>
        <abbr class="extended-address" title="Suite 100">Ste. 100</abbr>
        <abbr class="street-address" title="123 Fake Street"/>
        <abbr class="locality" title="San Francisco">San Fran</abbr>
        <abbr class="region" title="California">CA</abbr>
        <abbr class="postal-code" title="12345-6789">12345</abbr>
        <abbr class="country-name" title="United States of America">USA</abbr>
        <abbr class="typo" titl="work">workplace</abbr>
      <span class="org">
        <abbr class="organization-name" title="Intellicorp">foo</abbr>
        <abbr class="organization-unit" title="Intelligence">bar</abbr>
  <!--       <abbr class="category" title=""></abbr> -->
      <abbr class="note" title="this is a note">this is not a note</abbr>
  <!--       <abbr class="rev" title=""></abbr>  (revision datetime) -->
  <!--       <abbr class="sort-string" title=""></abbr> -->
      <abbr class="uid" title="abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz">alpha</abbr>
      <abbr class="class" title="public">pub</abbr>
  <!--       <abbr class="key" title=""></abbr> -->

  <!-- Ok, the test, here we go -->
  <pre id="test">
  <script class="testbody" type="text/javascript">


  function test_MicroformatsAPI() {"UniversalXPConnect");

    // Test to see if we can get the invalid vcard
    var mfs = Microformats.get("hCard",
                               { });

    is(mfs.length, 0, "Check that we can't get invalid vcard");

    // Invalid hCalendar - doesn't have a dtstart
    mfs = Microformats.get("hCalendar",
                           {recurseExternalFrames: true});
    is(mfs.length, 0, "Check that we don't pick up invalid MFs.");

    mfs = Microformats.get("notAMicroformat",
                           {recurseExternalFrames: true});

    is(mfs, null, "No microformat called notAMicroformat");

    // What if we try another way?
    is(Microformats.isMicroformat(document.getElementById("notme")), false,
       "Check that the NotAMicroformat is still not a microformat");

    // Attempt to physically add one to the object
    try {
    } catch (ex) {
      ok(true, "Check thrown exception when adding to microformats object");

    // Attempt to delete one from the object
    try {
    } catch (ex) {
      ok(true, "Check that exception thrown when removing items from Microformats");