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/* declarations needed by both nsTraceMalloc.c and nsWinTraceMalloc.cpp */


#include <stdlib.h>


/* Used by backtrace. */
typedef struct stack_buffer_info {
    void **buffer;
    size_t size;
    size_t entries;
} stack_buffer_info;

typedef struct tm_thread tm_thread;
struct tm_thread {
     * This counter suppresses tracing, in case any tracing code needs
     * to malloc.
    uint32 suppress_tracing;

    /* buffer for backtrace, below */
    stack_buffer_info backtrace_buf;

/* implemented in nsTraceMalloc.c */
tm_thread * tm_get_thread(void);

/* implemented in nsTraceMalloc.c */
PR_EXTERN(void) MallocCallback(void *aPtr, size_t aSize, PRUint32 start, PRUint32 end, tm_thread *t);
PR_EXTERN(void) CallocCallback(void *aPtr, size_t aCount, size_t aSize, PRUint32 start, PRUint32 end, tm_thread *t);
PR_EXTERN(void) ReallocCallback(void *aPin, void* aPout, size_t aSize, PRUint32 start, PRUint32 end, tm_thread *t);
PR_EXTERN(void) FreeCallback(void *aPtr, PRUint32 start, PRUint32 end, tm_thread *t);

#ifdef XP_WIN32
/* implemented in nsTraceMalloc.c */
PR_EXTERN(void) StartupHooker();
PR_EXTERN(void) ShutdownHooker();

/* implemented in nsWinTraceMalloc.cpp */
void* dhw_orig_malloc(size_t);
void* dhw_orig_calloc(size_t, size_t);
void* dhw_orig_realloc(void*, size_t);
void dhw_orig_free(void*);

#endif /* defined(XP_WIN32) */


#endif /* !defined(NSTRACEMALLOCCALLBACKS_H) */