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bug 389346 - GNOME crash reporter comes up on crashes, prevents breakpad. r+a=bsmedberg

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// Version stamp for this .DLL

#include <windows.h>

#include <ver.h>


  FILEVERSION       4 // major, minor, release (alpha 1), build #



  FILEFLAGS         0 // final version



  FILESUBTYPE       0   // not used


    BLOCK "StringFileInfo"


        BLOCK "040904E4" // Lang=US English, CharSet=Windows Multilingual


            VALUE "CompanyName",     "Netscape Communications Corporation\0"

            VALUE "FileDescription", "Netscape 16-bit JavaScript Debugger Module\0"

            VALUE "FileVersion",     "4.0\0"

            VALUE "InternalName",    "JSD1640\0"

            VALUE "LegalCopyright",  "Copyright Netscape Communications. 1994-96\0"

            VALUE "LegalTrademarks", "Netscape, Mozilla\0"

            VALUE "OriginalFilename","JSD1640.DLL\0"

            VALUE "ProductName",     "NETSCAPE\0"

            VALUE "ProductVersion",  "4.0\0"