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//! Specified types for CSS borders.

use cssparser::Parser;
use parser::ParserContext;
use style_traits::ParseError;
use values::generics::rect::Rect;
use values::specified::length::LengthOrNumber;

/// A specified rectangle made of four `<length-or-number>` values.
pub type LengthOrNumberRect = Rect<LengthOrNumber>;

impl LengthOrNumberRect {
    /// Parses a `LengthOrNumberRect`, rejecting negative values.
    pub fn parse_non_negative<'i, 't>(context: &ParserContext, input: &mut Parser<'i, 't>)
                                      -> Result<Self, ParseError<'i>> {
        Rect::parse_with(context, input, LengthOrNumber::parse_non_negative)