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Bug 1592150 - Enable support for partial updates in the WebRender OS compositor on macOS. r=jrmuizel Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/webrender/RenderCompositor.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layers {
class NativeLayerRoot;
class NativeLayer;
}  // namespace layers

namespace wr {

class RenderCompositorOGL : public RenderCompositor {
  static UniquePtr<RenderCompositor> Create(
      RefPtr<widget::CompositorWidget>&& aWidget);

  RenderCompositorOGL(RefPtr<gl::GLContext>&& aGL,
                      RefPtr<widget::CompositorWidget>&& aWidget);
  virtual ~RenderCompositorOGL();

  bool BeginFrame() override;
  RenderedFrameId EndFrame(const FfiVec<DeviceIntRect>& aDirtyRects) final;
  bool WaitForGPU() override;
  void Pause() override;
  bool Resume() override;

  gl::GLContext* gl() const override { return mGL; }

  bool UseANGLE() const override { return false; }

  LayoutDeviceIntSize GetBufferSize() override;

  bool ShouldUseNativeCompositor() override;
  uint32_t GetMaxUpdateRects() override;

  // Interface for wr::Compositor
  void CompositorBeginFrame() override;
  void CompositorEndFrame() override;
  void Bind(wr::NativeSurfaceId aId, wr::DeviceIntPoint* aOffset,
            uint32_t* aFboId, wr::DeviceIntRect aDirtyRect) override;
  void Unbind() override;
  void CreateSurface(wr::NativeSurfaceId aId, wr::DeviceIntSize aSize,
                     bool aIsOpaque) override;
  void DestroySurface(NativeSurfaceId aId) override;
  void AddSurface(wr::NativeSurfaceId aId, wr::DeviceIntPoint aPosition,
                  wr::DeviceIntRect aClipRect) override;

  void InsertFrameDoneSync();

  RefPtr<gl::GLContext> mGL;

  // Can be null.
  RefPtr<layers::NativeLayerRoot> mNativeLayerRoot;
  RefPtr<layers::NativeLayer> mNativeLayerForEntireWindow;

  // Used in native compositor mode:
  RefPtr<layers::NativeLayer> mCurrentlyBoundNativeLayer;
  nsTArray<RefPtr<layers::NativeLayer>> mAddedLayers;
  uint64_t mAddedPixelCount = 0;
  uint64_t mAddedClippedPixelCount = 0;
  uint64_t mDrawnPixelCount = 0;
  gfx::IntRect mVisibleBounds;
  std::unordered_map<uint64_t, RefPtr<layers::NativeLayer>> mNativeLayers;

  // Used to apply back-pressure in WaitForGPU().
  GLsync mPreviousFrameDoneSync;
  GLsync mThisFrameDoneSync;

}  // namespace wr
}  // namespace mozilla