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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIScriptError;

 * This interface should be implemented by any content sink that wants
 * to get output from expat and do something with it; in other words,
 * by any sink that handles some sort of XML dialect.

[scriptable, uuid(01f681af-0f22-4725-a914-0d396114daf0)]
interface nsIExpatSink : nsISupports 
   * Called to handle the opening tag of an element.
   * @param aName the fully qualified tagname of the element
   * @param aAtts the array of attribute names and values.  There are
   *        aAttsCount/2 names and aAttsCount/2 values, so the total number of
   *        elements in the array is aAttsCount.  The names and values
   *        alternate.  Thus, if we number attributes starting with 0,
   *        aAtts[2*k] is the name of the k-th attribute and aAtts[2*k+1] is
   *        the value of that attribute  Both explicitly specified attributes
   *        and attributes that are defined to have default values in a DTD are
   *        present in aAtts.
   * @param aAttsCount the number of elements in aAtts.
   * @param aLineNumber the line number of the start tag in the data stream.
  void HandleStartElement(in wstring aName,
                          [array, size_is(aAttsCount)] in wstring aAtts,
                          in unsigned long aAttsCount,
                          in unsigned long aLineNumber);

   * Called to handle the closing tag of an element.
   * @param aName the fully qualified tagname of the element
  void HandleEndElement(in wstring aName);

   * Called to handle a comment
   * @param aCommentText the text of the comment (not including the
   *        "<!--" and "-->")
  void HandleComment(in wstring aCommentText);

   * Called to handle a CDATA section
   * @param aData the text in the CDATA section.  This is null-terminated.
   * @param aLength the length of the aData string
  void HandleCDataSection([size_is(aLength)] in wstring aData, 
                          in unsigned long aLength);

   * Called to handle the doctype declaration
  void HandleDoctypeDecl(in AString aSubset,
                         in AString aName,
                         in AString aSystemId,
                         in AString aPublicId,
                         in nsISupports aCatalogData);

   * Called to handle character data.  Note that this does NOT get
   * called for the contents of CDATA sections.
   * @param aData the data to handle.  aData is NOT NULL-TERMINATED.
   * @param aLength the length of the aData string
  void HandleCharacterData([size_is(aLength)] in wstring aData, 
                           in unsigned long aLength);

   * Called to handle a processing instruction
   * @param aTarget the PI target (e.g. xml-stylesheet)
   * @param aData all the rest of the data in the PI
  void HandleProcessingInstruction(in wstring aTarget, 
                                   in wstring aData);

   * Handle the XML Declaration.
   * @param aVersion    The version string, can be null if not specified.
   * @param aEncoding   The encoding string, can be null if not specified.
   * @param aStandalone -1, 0, or 1 indicating respectively that there was no
   *                    standalone parameter in the declaration, that it was
   *                    given as no, or that it was given as yes.
  void HandleXMLDeclaration(in wstring aVersion,
                            in wstring aEncoding,
                            in long aStandalone);

   * Ask the content sink if the expat driver should log an error to the console.
   * @param aErrorText  Error message to pass to content sink.
   * @param aSourceText Source text of the document we're parsing.
   * @param aError      Script error object with line number & column number
   * @retval True if the expat driver should report the error.
  boolean ReportError(in wstring aErrorText,
                      in wstring aSourceText,
                      in nsIScriptError aError);