author Kartikaya Gupta <>
Thu, 22 Nov 2018 21:47:48 +0000
changeset 447760 89caaea53d18aaf2d4b90b98a2f989a8cdc7062b
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Bug 1507524 - Move webrender to gfx/wr. r=jrmuizel This patch copies the webrender repository contents into gfx/wr. The existing files from gfx/webrender, gfx/webrender_api, and gfx/wrench are moved, and the remaining files are added. The revision being used is the same as before. In addition, the mozilla-central top-level Cargo.toml and the gfx/webrender_bindings/Cargo.toml files are updated to reflect the new structure. Differential Revision:

# In this test, the leaf green rectangle has only its back visible
# due to rotate-x(180) transformation,
# and "backface-visible = false", so it's completely hidden.
    - type: rect
      color: red
      bounds: 0 0 1024 768
    - type: stacking-context
      bounds: 0 0 1024 768
      transform: rotate-x(180)
      transform-style: preserve-3d
        - type: rect
          bounds: 0 0 1024 768
          color: green
          backface-visible: false