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Script to import chromium code from upstream.

Snapshots of cairo and glitz for mozilla usage.

We only include the relevant parts of each release (generally, src/*.[ch]),
as we have's that integrate into the Mozilla build system.  For
documentation and similar, please see the official tarballs at


  cairo (1.8.2)
  pixman (pixman-0.12.0-19-g95f2af9)

***** NOTE FOR VISUAL C++ 6.0 *****

VC6 is not supported.  Please upgrade to VC8.

==== Patches ====

Some specific things:

max-font-size.patch: Clamp freetype font size to 1000 to avoid overflow issues

win32-logical-font-scale.patch: set CAIRO_WIN32_LOGICAL_FONT_SCALE to 1

nonfatal-assertions.patch: Make assertions non-fatal

buggy-repeat.patch: Unconditionally turn on buggy-repeat handling to bandaid bug 413583.

cairo-version-fixes.patch: fix up cairo-version.c/cairo-version.h for in-place builds

win32-ddb-dib.patch: fix for bug 455513; not upstream yet pending feebdack

qpainter-type.patch: add SURFACE_TYPE_QPAINTER to cairo.h

wince-fixes.patch: stubs out win32 functions we use but are not supported on win32.  Also implements ExtSelectClipRgn in terms of other functions available on wince.

win32-vertically-offset-glyph.patch: bug 454098; vertical positioning errors when drawing glyph runs including delta-y offsets on screen via GDI

ignore-rank0.patch: bug 474886; Not redrawing the background when changing page on flickr

win32-canvas-glyph-position.patch: bug 475092; horizontal positioning errors when drawing glyph runs with delta-y offsets to canvas through win32-font

win32-cleartype-clipping.patch: bug 445087; some glyphs are clipped, mainly on right-hand edge, when ClearType is enabled and drawing to RGBA canvas

on-edge.patch: reverts the in-fill semantic change.

wrap-source_image.patch: make sure we don't free the source image until we're done with it.

zero-sized.patch: deal with zero sized surface in ways less likely to crash.

text-path-filling-threshold.patch: use path filling instead of platform glyph rasterization at a smaller size threshold of 256 device pixels, if the backend supports native filling (which we assume will be fast).

zombie-face.patch: bug 486974; leak and possible crash with @font-face{src:url()}.  Upstream commit: 0238fe2cafea2e1ed19bb222117bd73ee6898d4d

win32-raster.patch: bug 498689; use scanline rasterizer on win32

==== pixman patches ====

pixman-neon.patch: add ARM NEON optimized compositing functions

endian.patch: include cairo-platform.h for endian macros

==== disable printing patch ====

disable-printing.patch:  allows us to use NS_PRINTING to disable printing.