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#include "gfxMatrix.h"
#include "nsDebug.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "SVGTransform.h"

namespace mozilla {

 * Consumers that modify objects of this type absolutely MUST keep the DOM
 * wrappers for those lists (if any) in sync!! That's why this class is so
 * locked down.
 * The DOM wrapper class for this class is DOMSVGTransformList.
class SVGTransformList
  friend class SVGAnimatedTransformList;
  friend class DOMSVGTransformList;
  friend class DOMSVGTransform;

  SVGTransformList() {}
  ~SVGTransformList() {}

  // Only methods that don't make/permit modification to this list are public.
  // Only our friend classes can access methods that may change us.

  /// This may return an incomplete string on OOM, but that's acceptable.
  void GetValueAsString(nsAString& aValue) const;

  bool IsEmpty() const {
    return mItems.IsEmpty();

  PRUint32 Length() const {
    return mItems.Length();

  const SVGTransform& operator[](PRUint32 aIndex) const {
    return mItems[aIndex];

  bool operator==(const SVGTransformList& rhs) const {
    return mItems == rhs.mItems;

  bool SetCapacity(PRUint32 size) {
    return mItems.SetCapacity(size);

  void Compact() {

  gfxMatrix GetConsolidationMatrix() const;

  // Access to methods that can modify objects of this type is deliberately
  // limited. This is to reduce the chances of someone modifying objects of
  // this type without taking the necessary steps to keep DOM wrappers in sync.
  // If you need wider access to these methods, consider adding a method to
  // SVGAnimatedTransformList and having that class act as an intermediary so it
  // can take care of keeping DOM wrappers in sync.


   * These may fail on OOM if the internal capacity needs to be increased, in
   * which case the list will be left unmodified.
  nsresult CopyFrom(const SVGTransformList& rhs);
  nsresult CopyFrom(const nsTArray<SVGTransform>& aTransformArray);

  SVGTransform& operator[](PRUint32 aIndex) {
    return mItems[aIndex];

   * This may fail (return false) on OOM if the internal capacity is being
   * increased, in which case the list will be left unmodified.
  bool SetLength(PRUint32 aNumberOfItems) {
    return mItems.SetLength(aNumberOfItems);


  // Marking the following private only serves to show which methods are only
  // used by our friend classes (as opposed to our subclasses) - it doesn't
  // really provide additional safety.

  nsresult SetValueFromString(const nsAString& aValue);

  void Clear() {

  bool InsertItem(PRUint32 aIndex, const SVGTransform& aTransform) {
    if (aIndex >= mItems.Length()) {
      aIndex = mItems.Length();
    return !!mItems.InsertElementAt(aIndex, aTransform);

  void ReplaceItem(PRUint32 aIndex, const SVGTransform& aTransform) {
    NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(aIndex < mItems.Length(),
                      "DOM wrapper caller should have raised INDEX_SIZE_ERR");
    mItems[aIndex] = aTransform;

  void RemoveItem(PRUint32 aIndex) {
    NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(aIndex < mItems.Length(),
                      "DOM wrapper caller should have raised INDEX_SIZE_ERR");

  bool AppendItem(const SVGTransform& aTransform) {
    return !!mItems.AppendElement(aTransform);

   * See SVGLengthList for the rationale for using nsTArray<SVGTransform>
   * instead of nsTArray<SVGTransform, 1>.
  nsTArray<SVGTransform> mItems;

} // namespace mozilla