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Bug 1129226 - Refactor ObjectGroup class and accessors, r=jandem.

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#ifndef jshashutil_h
#define jshashutil_h

#include "jscntxt.h"

#include "gc/Zone.h"

namespace js {

 * Used to add entries to a js::HashMap or HashSet where the key depends on a GC
 * thing that may be moved by generational or compacting GC between the call to
 * lookupForAdd() and relookupOrAdd().
template <class T>
struct DependentAddPtr
    typedef typename T::AddPtr AddPtr;
    typedef typename T::Entry Entry;

    template <class Lookup>
    DependentAddPtr(const ExclusiveContext *cx, const T &table, const Lookup &lookup)
      : addPtr(table.lookupForAdd(lookup))
      , originalGcNumber(cx->zone()->gcNumber())

    template <class KeyInput, class ValueInput>
    bool add(const ExclusiveContext *cx, T &table, const KeyInput &key, const ValueInput &value) {
        bool gcHappened = originalGcNumber != cx->zone()->gcNumber();
        if (gcHappened)
            addPtr = table.lookupForAdd(key);
        return table.relookupOrAdd(addPtr, key, value);

    bool found() const                 { return addPtr.found(); }
    explicit operator bool() const     { return found(); }
    const Entry &operator*() const     { return *addPtr; }
    const Entry *operator->() const    { return &*addPtr; }

    AddPtr addPtr ;
    const uint64_t originalGcNumber;

    DependentAddPtr() = delete;
    DependentAddPtr(const DependentAddPtr&) = delete;
    DependentAddPtr& operator=(const DependentAddPtr&) = delete;

} // namespace js