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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<!DOCTYPE dialog [
<!ENTITY % promptDTD SYSTEM "chrome://browser/locale/prompt.dtd">
<!ENTITY % webappsDTD SYSTEM "chrome://browser/locale/webapps.dtd">
<dialog id="webapp-dialog" xmlns="">
    <key keycode="VK_ESCAPE" command="cmd_cancel"/>
    <key keycode="VK_RETURN" command="cmd_ok"/>

    <command id="cmd_cancel" oncommand="WebappsUI.hide();"/>
    <command id="cmd_ok" oncommand="WebappsUI.launch();"/>

  <vbox class="prompt-title" id="webapps-title-box">
    <hbox align="center">
      <image id="webapps-icon"/>
      <vbox flex="1">
        <textbox id="webapps-title" placeholder="&webapps.title.placeholder;" flex="1"/>
  <separator class="prompt-line"/>
  <scrollbox class="prompt-message prompt-header" id="webapps-perm-box" orient="vertical" oncommand="WebappsUI.checkBox(event)" flex="1">
    <label crop="center" flex="1" value="&webapps.permissions;"/>
    <button id="webapps-geoloc-checkbox" perm="geo" type="checkbox" class="button-checkbox webapps-perm" flex="1">
      <image class="button-image-icon"/>
      <vbox flex="1">
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label" flex="1">&webapps.perm.geolocation;</description>
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label webapps-perm-requested-hint" id="webapps-geoloc-app">&webapps.perm.requestedHint;</description>
    <button id="webapps-offline-checkbox" perm="offline-app" type="checkbox" class="button-checkbox webapps-perm" flex="1">
      <image class="button-image-icon"/>
      <vbox flex="1">
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label" flex="1">&webapps.perm.offline;</description>
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label webapps-perm-requested-hint" id="webapps-offline-app">&webapps.perm.requestedHint;</description>
    <button id="webapps-notifications-checkbox" perm="desktop-notification" type="checkbox" class="button-checkbox webapps-perm" flex="1">
      <image class="button-image-icon"/>
      <vbox flex="1">
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label" flex="1">&webapps.perm.notifications;</description>
        <description class="prompt-checkbox-label webapps-perm-requested-hint" id="webapps-notifications-app">&webapps.perm.requestedHint;</description>
  <button id="webapps-homescreen-checkbox" type="checkbox" class="button-checkbox" flex="1">
    <image class="button-image-icon"/>
    <description class="prompt-checkbox-label" flex="1">&webapps.add-homescreen;</description>
  <hbox pack="center" class="prompt-buttons">
    <button class="prompt-button" command="cmd_ok" label="&ok.label;"/>
    <button class="prompt-button" command="cmd_cancel" label="&cancel.label;"/>