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Bug 1461742, add a mechanism so that custom elements can implement interfaces akin to XBL implements. This is accomplished by an additional chrome-only callback getCustomInterface that can be implemented by custom elements, r=bz

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interface IID;

callback LifecycleConnectedCallback = void();
callback LifecycleDisconnectedCallback = void();
callback LifecycleAdoptedCallback = void(Document? oldDocument,
                                         Document? newDocment);
callback LifecycleAttributeChangedCallback = void(DOMString attrName,
                                                  DOMString? oldValue,
                                                  DOMString? newValue,
                                                  DOMString? namespaceURI);
callback LifecycleGetCustomInterfaceCallback = object?(IID iid);

dictionary LifecycleCallbacks {
  LifecycleConnectedCallback connectedCallback;
  LifecycleDisconnectedCallback disconnectedCallback;
  LifecycleAdoptedCallback adoptedCallback;
  LifecycleAttributeChangedCallback attributeChangedCallback;
  [ChromeOnly] LifecycleGetCustomInterfaceCallback getCustomInterfaceCallback;