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Bug 1400460 - Rename nsIAtom as nsAtom. r=hiro. (Path is actually r=froydnj.) Bug 1400459 devirtualized nsIAtom so that it is no longer a subclass of nsISupports. This means that nsAtom is now a better name for it than nsIAtom. MozReview-Commit-ID: 91U22X2NydP

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef nsHTMLTags_h___
#define nsHTMLTags_h___

#include "nsString.h"
#include "plhash.h"

class nsAtom;

   Declare the enum list using the magic of preprocessing
   enum values are "eHTMLTag_foo" (where foo is the tag)

   To change the list of tags, see nsHTMLTagList.h

   These enum values are used as the index of array in various places.
   If we change the structure of the enum by adding entries to it or removing
   entries from it _directly_, not via nsHTMLTagList.h, don't forget to update
   dom/bindings/BindingUtils.cpp and dom/html/nsHTMLContentSink.cpp as well.
#define HTML_TAG(_tag, _classname, _interfacename) eHTMLTag_##_tag,
#define HTML_OTHER(_tag) eHTMLTag_##_tag,
enum nsHTMLTag {
  /* this enum must be first and must be zero */
  eHTMLTag_unknown = 0,
#include "nsHTMLTagList.h"

  /* can't be moved into nsHTMLTagList since gcc3.4 doesn't like a
     comma at the end of enum list*/
#undef HTML_TAG

// All tags before eHTMLTag_text are HTML tags
#define NS_HTML_TAG_MAX int32_t(eHTMLTag_text - 1)

class nsHTMLTags {
  static void RegisterAtoms(void);
  static nsresult AddRefTable(void);
  static void ReleaseTable(void);

  // Functions for converting string or atom to id
  static nsHTMLTag StringTagToId(const nsAString& aTagName);
  static nsHTMLTag AtomTagToId(nsAtom* aTagName)
    return StringTagToId(nsDependentAtomString(aTagName));

  static nsHTMLTag CaseSensitiveStringTagToId(const char16_t* aTagName)
    NS_ASSERTION(gTagTable, "no lookup table, needs addref");
    NS_ASSERTION(aTagName, "null tagname!");

    void* tag = PL_HashTableLookupConst(gTagTable, aTagName);

    return tag ? (nsHTMLTag)NS_PTR_TO_INT32(tag) : eHTMLTag_userdefined;
  static nsHTMLTag CaseSensitiveAtomTagToId(nsAtom* aTagName)
    NS_ASSERTION(gTagAtomTable, "no lookup table, needs addref");
    NS_ASSERTION(aTagName, "null tagname!");

    void* tag = PL_HashTableLookupConst(gTagAtomTable, aTagName);

    return tag ? (nsHTMLTag)NS_PTR_TO_INT32(tag) : eHTMLTag_userdefined;

#ifdef DEBUG
  static void TestTagTable();

  static nsAtom* sTagAtomTable[eHTMLTag_userdefined - 1];
  static const char16_t* const sTagUnicodeTable[];

  static int32_t gTableRefCount;
  static PLHashTable* gTagTable;
  static PLHashTable* gTagAtomTable;

#endif /* nsHTMLTags_h___ */