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Bug 1174906 - Add a mozilla::Variant<T1, T2, ...> template class; r=Waldo

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#include "nsRect.h"

class nsIFrame;
class gfxContext;

class nsSVGFilterPaintCallback {
   * Paint the frame contents.
   * SVG frames will have had matrix propagation set to false already.
   * Non-SVG frames have to do their own thing.
   * The caller will do a Save()/Restore() as necessary so feel free
   * to mess with context state.
   * The context will be configured to use the "user space" coordinate
   * system.
   * @param aDirtyRect the dirty rect *in user space pixels*
   * @param aTransformRoot the outermost frame whose transform should be taken
   *                       into account when painting an SVG glyph
  virtual void Paint(gfxContext& aContext, nsIFrame *aTarget,
                     const gfxMatrix& aTransform,
                     const nsIntRect *aDirtyRect) = 0;