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Bug 1499644 - Move IC data out of BaselineScript. r=tcampbell ICEntries and the fallback stub space are now stored in ICScript. The ICScript* is stored in TypeScript to not increase sizeof(JSScript). We need this for bug 1499324 but it also lets us greatly simplify the BaselineDebugModeOSR code as this patch shows. Note: some ICScript method definitions are still in BaselineJIT.cpp instead of BaselineIC.cpp to make this patch easier to review. We could move them to BaselineIC.cpp as a follow-up change. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D11746

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# This file is necessary to "bootstrap" the test case for the test_build
# test, because of the requirement of the top-level directory containing
# config/*.mk.
DIRS += [