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/* NOTE: no include guard; this file is meant to maybe be included multiple
   times.  It has a list of the sandbox keywords we support, with their
   corresponding sandbox flags. */

// Each entry has the sandbox keyword as a string, the corresponding nsGkAtoms
// atom name, and the corresponding sandbox flags.
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-same-origin", allowsameorigin,  SANDBOXED_ORIGIN)
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-forms", allowforms,  SANDBOXED_FORMS)
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-scripts", allowscripts,
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-top-navigation", allowtopnavigation,
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-pointer-lock", allowpointerlock, SANDBOXED_POINTER_LOCK)
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-orientation-lock", alloworientationlock,
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-modals", allowmodals, SANDBOXED_MODALS)
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox", allowpopupstoescapesandbox,
SANDBOX_KEYWORD("allow-presentation", allowpresentation,