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Bug 1278136 - Part 5: Create a stacking context for opacity/transform animations even if it's in delay phase and even if the property is overridden by !important rules. r=birtles This patch introduces a new functions named HasEffectiveAnimationOfProperty. This function checks that a given CSS property is overridden by !important rules. On the other hand, now KeyframeEffetReadOnly::HasAnimationOfProperty() does just check that the effect has a given CSS property. This is used to create a stacking context because we should create a stacking context for opacity or transform animations even if the property is overridden by !important rules. MozReview-Commit-ID: AG1Y0IgoB3U

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/* enum type for objects that can be allocated by an nsPresArena */

#ifndef mozilla_ArenaObjectID_h
#define mozilla_ArenaObjectID_h

#include "nsQueryFrame.h"

namespace mozilla {

enum ArenaObjectID {
  eArenaObjectID_DummyBeforeFirstObjectID = nsQueryFrame::NON_FRAME_MARKER - 1,

#define PRES_ARENA_OBJECT(name_) \
#include "nsPresArenaObjectList.h"

   * The PresArena implementation uses this bit to distinguish objects
   * allocated by size from objects allocated by type ID (that is, frames
   * using AllocateByFrameID and other objects using AllocateByObjectID).
   * It should not collide with any Object ID (above) or frame ID (in
   * nsQueryFrame.h).  It is not 0x80000000 to avoid the question of
   * whether enumeration constants are signed.
  eArenaObjectID_NON_OBJECT_MARKER = 0x40000000