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Bug 1535788 - Make the Document own the StyleSet. r=heycam This is the last step to be able to call matchMedia on display: none iframes. This is green, except for some startup preference query tests that I'm going to address in a blocking bug (making LangGroupFontPrefs global, basically). The setup is similar to the ShadowRoot one, except we don't eagerly keep the StyleSet around up-to-date, we only fill it if it ever had a pres context. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef nsPresContextInlines_h
#define nsPresContextInlines_h

#include "mozilla/PresShell.h"
#include "nsCSSFrameConstructor.h"

inline mozilla::ServoStyleSet* nsPresContext::StyleSet() const {
  return mDocument->StyleSetForPresShellOrMediaQueryEvaluation();

inline nsCSSFrameConstructor* nsPresContext::FrameConstructor() {
  return PresShell()->FrameConstructor();

#endif  // #ifndef nsPresContextInlines_h