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b=455513; add optional flag to allow converting a DDB to a DIB internally, if the surface is every used as a source; r=jmuizelaar If a DDB is used as a source for an operation that can't be handled natively by GDI, we end up needing to take a really slow path (creating a temporary surface for acquire_source) for each operation. If we convert the DDB to a DIB, we then end up having a real image buffer and can hand things off to pixman directly. This isn't the default mode because I'm not sure if there are cases where a DDB is explicitly needed (e.g. for printing), and it would change current cairo behaviour. It might become the default at some point in the future.

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DEPTH		= ../..
topsrcdir	= @top_srcdir@
srcdir		= @srcdir@
VPATH		= @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

MODULE		= jemalloc

# jemalloc.c properly uses 'static', so don't burden it with manually exposing
# symbols.

# Two options for Windows, either you build the CRT from source,
# or you use a pre-built DLL.
ifneq (,$(WIN32_CRT_SRC_DIR))
# Building the CRT from source
CRT_OBJ_DIR=./$(shell basename "$(WIN32_CRT_SRC_DIR)")
libs:: $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/build/intel/mozcrt19.dll

# patch if necessary
$(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/jemalloc.c: $(srcdir)/crtsp1.diff
	rm -rf $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)
	cp -R "$(WIN32_CRT_SRC_DIR)" .
	# per
	for i in dll mt xdll xmt; do \
	  pushd $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/intel/$${i}_lib && lib -extract:..\\build\\intel\\$${i}_obj\\unhandld.obj eh.lib && popd; \
	# truly awful
	#XXX: get ed into mozillabuild, bug 415123
	$(PERL) $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/crtsp1.diff \
	$(CRT_OBJ_DIR) $(srcdir)/ed.exe

$(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/build/intel/mozcrt19.dll: \
  $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/jemalloc.c $(srcdir)/jemalloc.c $(srcdir)/jemalloc.h \
  $(srcdir)/ql.h $(srcdir)/qr.h $(srcdir)/rb.h
	cp $(srcdir)/jemalloc.c $(srcdir)/jemalloc.h $(srcdir)/ql.h \
	$(srcdir)/qr.h $(srcdir)/rb.h $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)
# this pretty much sucks, but nmake and make don't play well together
	$(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/ $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)
	#XXX: these don't link right for some reason
	rm $(CRT_OBJ_DIR)/build/intel/{libcmt,libcpmt}.lib
# Using a pre-built DLL, so just install it.
libs:: $(WIN32_CUSTOM_CRT_DIR)/mozcrt19.dll


ifeq ($(OS_ARCH),SunOS)
ifndef GNU_CC

LIBRARY_NAME	= jemalloc

# Build jemalloc as a shared lib.  This is mandatory for Darwin, since a library
# init function is used on that platform.
ifeq ($(OS_ARCH),Darwin)

CSRCS		= \
		jemalloc.c \

#XXX: PGO on Linux causes problems here
# See bug 419470

include $(topsrcdir)/config/

ifeq (Darwin,$(OS_TARGET))
LDFLAGS += -init _jemalloc_darwin_init