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Bug 1259850 - Various refactorings, r=terrence MozReview-Commit-ID: GYrqbzK3U8W

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#include "nsILocalFile.idl"

struct PRFileDesc;

[ptr] native PRFileDescStar(PRFileDesc);

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(e7a3a954-384b-4aeb-a5f7-55626b0de9be)]
interface nsILocalFileWin : nsILocalFile
    * getVersionInfoValue
    * Retrieve a metadata field from the file's VERSIONINFO block.
    * Throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if no value is found, or the value is empty.
    * @param   aField         The field to look up.
    AString getVersionInfoField(in string aField);

     * The canonical path of the file, which avoids short/long
     * pathname inconsistencies. The nsIFile persistent
     * descriptor is not guaranteed to be canonicalized (it may
     * persist either the long or the short path name). The format of
     * the canonical path will vary with the underlying file system:
     * it will typically be the short pathname on filesystems that
     * support both short and long path forms.
    readonly attribute AString canonicalPath;
    [noscript] readonly attribute ACString nativeCanonicalPath;

     * Windows specific file attributes.

     * WFA_SEARCH_INDEXED: Generally the default on files in Windows except
     * those created in temp locations. Valid on XP and up. When set the
     * file or directory is marked to be indexed by desktop search services.
    const unsigned long WFA_SEARCH_INDEXED = 1;

     * WFA_READONLY: Whether the file is readonly or not.
    const unsigned long WFA_READONLY = 2;

     * WFA_READWRITE: Used to clear the readonly attribute.
    const unsigned long WFA_READWRITE = 4;

     * fileAttributesWin
     * Set or get windows specific file attributes.
     * Throws NS_ERROR_FILE_INVALID_PATH for an invalid file.
     * Throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if the set or get fails.
    attribute unsigned long fileAttributesWin;

     * setShortcut
     * Creates the specified shortcut, or updates it if it already exists.
     * If the shortcut is being updated (i.e. the shortcut already exists),
     * any excluded parameters will remain unchanged in the shortcut file.
     * For example, if you want to change the description of a specific
     * shortcut but keep the target, working dir, args, and icon the same,
     * pass null for those parameters and only pass in a value for the
     * description.
     * If the shortcut does not already exist and targetFile is not specified,
     * setShortcut will throw NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST.
     * @param targetFile      the path that the shortcut should target
     * @param workingDir      the working dir that should be set for the shortcut
     * @param args            the args string that should be set for the shortcut
     * @param description     the description that should be set for the shortcut
     * @param iconFile        the file containing an icon to be used for this
     * @param iconIndex       this value selects a specific icon from within
                              iconFile.  If iconFile contains only one icon, this
                              value should be 0.
     void setShortcut([optional] in nsIFile targetFile,
                      [optional] in nsIFile workingDir,
                      [optional] in wstring args,
                      [optional] in wstring description,
                      [optional] in nsIFile iconFile,
                      [optional] in long iconIndex);

     * Identical to nsIFile::openNSPRFileDesc except it also uses the
     * FILE_SHARE_DELETE flag.
    [noscript] PRFileDescStar openNSPRFileDescShareDelete(in long flags,
                                                          in long mode);