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#include "nsIUnicharOutputStream.idl"

interface nsIOutputStream;

 * This interface allows writing strings to a stream, doing automatic
 * character encoding conversion.
[scriptable, uuid(4b71113a-cb0d-479f-8ed5-01daeba2e8d4)]
interface nsIConverterOutputStream : nsIUnicharOutputStream
     * Initialize this stream. Must be called before any other method on this
     * interface, or you will crash. The output stream passed to this method
     * must not be null, or you will crash.
     * @param aOutStream
     *        The underlying output stream to which the converted strings will
     *        be written.
     * @param aCharset
     *        The character set to use for encoding the characters. A null
     *        charset will be interpreted as UTF-8.
     * @param aBufferSize
     *        How many bytes to buffer. A value of 0 means that no bytes will be
     *        buffered. Implementations not supporting buffering may ignore
     *        this parameter.
     * @param aReplacementCharacter
     *        The replacement character to use when an unsupported character is found.
     *        The character must be encodable in the selected character
     *        encoding; otherwise, attempts to write an unsupported character
     *        will throw NS_ERROR_LOSS_OF_SIGNIFICANT_DATA.
     *        A value of 0x0000 will cause an exception to be thrown upon
     *        attempts to write unsupported characters.
    void init(in nsIOutputStream aOutStream, in string aCharset,
              in unsigned long aBufferSize,
              in char16_t aReplacementCharacter);