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Bug 1259850 - Various refactorings, r=terrence MozReview-Commit-ID: GYrqbzK3U8W

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#ifndef nsArrayEnumerator_h__
#define nsArrayEnumerator_h__

// enumerator implementation for nsIArray

#include "nscore.h"

class nsISimpleEnumerator;
class nsIArray;
class nsCOMArray_base;

// Create an enumerator for an existing nsIArray implementation
// The enumerator holds an owning reference to the array.
NS_NewArrayEnumerator(nsISimpleEnumerator** aResult,
                      nsIArray* aArray);

// create an enumerator for an existing nsCOMArray<T> implementation
// The enumerator will hold an owning reference to each ELEMENT in
// the array. This means that the nsCOMArray<T> can safely go away
// without its objects going away.
NS_NewArrayEnumerator(nsISimpleEnumerator** aResult,
                      const nsCOMArray_base& aArray);