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Reduce code duplication among platforms, support hooking and unhooking (392009, r=dbaron).

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  A simple test program that reads in RDF/XML into an in-memory data
  source, then uses the RDF/XML serialization API to write an
  equivalent (but not identical) RDF/XML file back to stdout.

  The program takes a single parameter: the URL from which to read.


#include <stdio.h>
#include "nsXPCOM.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIComponentManager.h"
#include "nsComponentManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsServiceManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsIIOService.h"
#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "nsIOutputStream.h"
#include "nsIRDFCompositeDataSource.h"
#include "nsIRDFNode.h"
#include "nsIRDFRemoteDataSource.h"
#include "nsIRDFService.h"
#include "nsIRDFXMLSource.h"
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsIStreamListener.h"
#include "nsIURL.h"
#include "nsRDFCID.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
#include "plstr.h"
#include "prio.h"
#include "prthread.h"

// CIDs

// rdf

// Blatantly stolen from netwerk/test/
#define RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, step) \
    if (NS_FAILED(rv)) { \
        printf(">>> %s failed: rv=%x\n", step, rv); \
        return rv;\
    } \


class ConsoleOutputStreamImpl : public nsIOutputStream
    ConsoleOutputStreamImpl(void) {}
    virtual ~ConsoleOutputStreamImpl(void) {}

    // nsISupports interface

    // nsIBaseStream interface
    NS_IMETHOD Close(void) {
        return NS_OK;

    // nsIOutputStream interface
    NS_IMETHOD Write(const char* aBuf, PRUint32 aCount, PRUint32 *aWriteCount) {
        PR_Write(PR_GetSpecialFD(PR_StandardOutput), aBuf, aCount);
        *aWriteCount = aCount;
        return NS_OK;

    WriteFrom(nsIInputStream *inStr, PRUint32 count, PRUint32 *_retval) {

    WriteSegments(nsReadSegmentFun reader, void * closure, PRUint32 count, PRUint32 *_retval) {

    IsNonBlocking(PRBool *aNonBlocking) {

    NS_IMETHOD Flush(void) {
        return NS_OK;

NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS1(ConsoleOutputStreamImpl, nsIOutputStream)


main(int argc, char** argv)
    nsresult rv;

    if (argc < 2) {
        fprintf(stderr, "usage: %s <url>\n", argv[0]);
        return 1;

    NS_InitXPCOM2(nsnull, nsnull, nsnull);

    // Create a stream data source and initialize it on argv[1], which
    // is hopefully a "file:" URL.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIRDFDataSource> ds = do_CreateInstance(kRDFXMLDataSourceCID,
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "RDF/XML datasource creation");

    nsCOMPtr<nsIRDFRemoteDataSource> remote = do_QueryInterface(ds, &rv);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "QI to nsIRDFRemoteDataSource");

    rv = remote->Init(argv[1]);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "datasource initialization");

    // Okay, this should load the XML file...
    rv = remote->Refresh(PR_FALSE);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "datasource refresh");

    // Pump events until the load is finished
    nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> thread = do_GetCurrentThread();
    PRBool done = PR_FALSE;
    while (!done) {

    // And this should write it back out. The do_QI() on the pointer
    // is a hack to make sure that the new object gets AddRef()-ed.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIOutputStream> out =
        do_QueryInterface(new ConsoleOutputStreamImpl, &rv);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "creation of console output stream");

    nsCOMPtr<nsIRDFXMLSource> source = do_QueryInterface(ds);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "QI to nsIRDFXMLSource");

    rv = source->Serialize(out);
    RETURN_IF_FAILED(rv, "datasoure serialization");

    return NS_OK;