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Bug 792212 - Don't attempt to migrate profiles if using a custom profile;r=gbrown It seems that doing so triggers a race condition which can result in the fennec reftests failing, if the shared preferences associated with profile migration or the gecko application is not correctly initialized. This is more or less a band aid solution, but it addresses the problem until we can find the root cause.

# .hgignore - List of filenames hg should ignore

# Filenames that should be ignored wherever they appear

# Vim swap files.

# User files that may appear at the root

# Empty marker file that's generated when we check out NSS

# Build directories

# Build directories for js shell

# SpiderMonkey configury
# SpiderMonkey test result logs

# Java HTML5 parser classes

# SVN directories

# Ignore the files and directory that Eclipse IDE creates

# Python stuff installed at build time.