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/********************************* #includes *********************************/

#include "domstubs.idl"                 // nsIDOMElement, nsIDOMWindow
#include "nsISupports.idl"              // nsISupports

/******************************** Declarations *******************************/

interface nsIDocShell;

/****************************** nsTypeAheadFind ******************************/

[scriptable, uuid(0749a445-19d3-4eb9-9d66-78eca8c6f604)]
interface nsITypeAheadFind : nsISupports
  /****************************** Initializer ******************************/

  /* Necessary initialization that can't happen in the constructor, either
   * because function calls here may fail, or because the docShell is
   * required. */
  void init(in nsIDocShell aDocShell);

  /***************************** Core functions ****************************/

  /* Find aSearchString in page.  If aLinksOnly is true, only search the page's
   * hyperlinks for the string. */
  unsigned short find(in AString aSearchString, in boolean aLinksOnly);

  /* Find another match in the page. */
  unsigned short findAgain(in boolean findBackwards, in boolean aLinksOnly);

  /**************************** Helper functions ***************************/

  /* Change searched docShell.  This happens when e.g. we use the same
   * nsITypeAheadFind object to search different tabs. */
  void setDocShell(in nsIDocShell aDocShell);

  /* Change the look of the the "found match" selection to aToggle, and repaint
   * the selection. */
  void setSelectionModeAndRepaint(in short toggle);

  /* Collapse the "found match" selection to its start.  Because not all
   * matches are owned by the same selection controller, this doesn't
   * necessarily happen automatically. */
  void collapseSelection();

  /******************************* Attributes ******************************/

  readonly attribute AString searchString;
                                        // Most recent search string
  attribute boolean caseSensitive;      // Searches are case sensitive
  readonly attribute nsIDOMElement foundLink;
                                        // Most recent elem found, if a link
  readonly attribute nsIDOMElement foundEditable;
                                        // Most recent elem found, if editable
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow currentWindow;
                                        // Window of most recent match

  /******************************* Constants *******************************/

  /* Find return codes */
  const unsigned short FIND_FOUND    = 0;
                                        // Successful find
  const unsigned short FIND_NOTFOUND = 1;
                                        // Unsuccessful find
  const unsigned short FIND_WRAPPED  = 2;
                                        // Successful find, but wrapped around