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Bug 1502118 - Enforce GV lints with apilint. r=snorp This makes it so that apilints lints with "GV" codes are enforced and will fail the build. Depends on D13882 Differential Revision:

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 * These objects support visualization of flex containers by the
 * dev tools.

 * A flex container's main and cross axes are either horizontal or
 * vertical, each with two possible directions.
enum FlexPhysicalDirection {

interface Flex
  sequence<FlexLineValues> getLines();

   * The physical direction in which successive flex items are placed,
   * within a flex line in this flex container.
  readonly attribute FlexPhysicalDirection mainAxisDirection;

   * The physical direction in which successive flex lines are placed
   * in this flex container (if it is or were multi-line).
  readonly attribute FlexPhysicalDirection crossAxisDirection;

 * This indicates which flex factor (flex-grow vs. flex-shrink) the
 * flex layout algorithm uses internally when resolving flexible sizes
 * in a given flex line, per flexbox spec section 9.7 step 1. Note that
 * this value doesn't necessarily mean that any items on this line
 * are *actually* growing (or shrinking).  This simply indicates what
 * the layout algorithm "wants" to do, based on the free space -- 
 * and items will stretch from their flex base size in the corresponding
 * direction, if permitted by their min/max constraints and their
 * corresponding flex factor.
enum FlexLineGrowthState { "shrinking", "growing" };

interface FlexLineValues
  readonly attribute FlexLineGrowthState growthState;
  readonly attribute double crossStart;
  readonly attribute double crossSize;

  // firstBaselineOffset measures from flex-start edge.
  readonly attribute double firstBaselineOffset;

  // lastBaselineOffset measures from flex-end edge.
  readonly attribute double lastBaselineOffset;

   * getItems() returns FlexItemValues only for the Elements in
   * this Flex container -- ignoring struts and abs-pos Elements.
  sequence<FlexItemValues> getItems();

 * Item main sizes have either been unclamped, clamped to the minimum,
 * or clamped to the maximum.
enum FlexItemClampState {
  "unclamped", "clamped_to_min", "clamped_to_max"

interface FlexItemValues
  readonly attribute Node? node;
  readonly attribute DOMRectReadOnly frameRect;
  readonly attribute double mainBaseSize;
  readonly attribute double mainDeltaSize;
  readonly attribute double mainMinSize;
  readonly attribute double mainMaxSize;
  readonly attribute double crossMinSize;
  readonly attribute double crossMaxSize;
  readonly attribute FlexItemClampState clampState;