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bug 1438735 - balrog scriptworker push and schedule support. r=bhearsum - add balrog submit-toplevel - this replaces the final portion of the updates builder. - rename balrog transform to balrog_submit, because it's for balrog locale submission - make this default to the 'promote' phase. balrog and beetmover currently take the current phase, which isn't always the wanted behavior. - rename balrog publish to balrog schedule - add balrog secondary push and secondary scheduling, for RCs - remove the release_updates transforms - make the task.py balrog transforms smarter - get rid of the release_balrog_publishing transforms; ad a generic worker_type transform - add BALROG_ACTIONS to scriptworker.py - add get_balrog_action_scope() - remove the unused balrog channel scopes MozReview-Commit-ID: 369ACiOAd5F

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * An interface that allows writing unicode data.
[scriptable, uuid(2d00b1bb-8b21-4a63-bcc6-7213f513ac2e)]
interface nsIUnicharOutputStream : nsISupports
     * Write a single character to the stream. When writing many characters,
     * prefer the string-taking write method.
     * @retval true The character was written successfully
     * @retval false Not all bytes of the character could be written.
    boolean write(in unsigned long aCount,
                  [const, array, size_is(aCount)] in char16_t c);

     * Write a string to the stream.
     * @retval true The string was written successfully
     * @retval false Not all bytes of the string could be written.
    boolean writeString(in AString str);

     * Flush the stream. This finishes the conversion and writes any bytes that
     * finish the current byte sequence.
     * It does NOT flush the underlying stream.
    void flush();

     * Close the stream and free associated resources. This also closes the
     * underlying stream.
    void close();