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bug 1438735 - balrog scriptworker push and schedule support. r=bhearsum - add balrog submit-toplevel - this replaces the final portion of the updates builder. - rename balrog transform to balrog_submit, because it's for balrog locale submission - make this default to the 'promote' phase. balrog and beetmover currently take the current phase, which isn't always the wanted behavior. - rename balrog publish to balrog schedule - add balrog secondary push and secondary scheduling, for RCs - remove the release_updates transforms - make the balrog transforms smarter - get rid of the release_balrog_publishing transforms; ad a generic worker_type transform - add BALROG_ACTIONS to - add get_balrog_action_scope() - remove the unused balrog channel scopes MozReview-Commit-ID: 369ACiOAd5F

# This file is used to manage the ANGLE's dependencies in the Chromium src repo. It is
# used by gclient to determine what version of each dependency to check out, and
# where.
# These deps are duplicated in ANGLE's DEPS file which we use for the standalone
# build. The dual file setup is necessary because Chromium can only recurse into
# a single file and we do not want to import all of ANGLE's standalone DEPS.
# If you make a change to one of these dependencies please also update the
# standalone DEPS file.

vars = {
  'android_git': '',

  # Current revision of dEQP.
  'deqp_revision': '455d82c60b096e7bd83b6a2f5ed70c61e4bfa759',

  # Current revision of glslang, the Khronos SPIRV compiler.
  'glslang_revision': '1e275c8486325aaab34734ad9a650c0121c5efdb',

  # Current revision fo the SPIRV-Headers Vulkan support library.
  'spirv_headers_revision': 'c470b68225a04965bf87d35e143ae92f831e8110',

  # Current revision of SPIRV-Tools for Vulkan.
  'spirv_tools_revision': '68c5f0436f1d4f1f137e608780190865d0b193ca',

  # Current revision of the Vulkan Validation Layers SDK.
  'vulkan_revision': 'f47c534fee2f26f6b783209d56e0ade48e30eb8d',

deps = {
    Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/deqp@' + Var('deqp_revision'),

    Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/glslang@' + Var('glslang_revision'),

    Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/spirv-headers@' + Var('spirv_headers_revision'),

    Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/spirv-tools@' + Var('spirv_tools_revision'),

    Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/vulkan-validation-layers@' + Var('vulkan_revision'),