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Bug 1176083. Remove the now-dead code for the XPCOM version of setTimeout/setInterval. r=smaug I claim this code is dead because on the one hand it's no longer called from JS (because Window is always on WebIDL bindings, but on the other hand it can't really be called from C++ because it depends on examining the XPConnect call information. I think removing this completely, including from the IDL, is safe, because nothing directly returns nsIDOMJSWindow, so anyone using its vtable would have to QI to it and we're changing the IID.

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/* Iterator traits to expose a value type and a difference type */

#ifndef mozilla_IteratorTraits_h
#define mozilla_IteratorTraits_h

#include <stddef.h>

namespace mozilla {

template<typename Iterator>
struct IteratorTraits
  typedef typename Iterator::ValueType ValueType;
  typedef typename Iterator::DifferenceType DifferenceType;

template<typename T>
struct IteratorTraits<T*>
  typedef T ValueType;
  typedef ptrdiff_t DifferenceType;

template<typename T>
struct IteratorTraits<const T*>
  typedef const T ValueType;
  typedef ptrdiff_t DifferenceType;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_IteratorTraits_h