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Bug 883696 (part 1) - Include full paths in #include statements in js/src/ion/. r=jandem.

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#ifndef ion_ValueNumbering_h
#define ion_ValueNumbering_h

#include "ion/MIR.h"
#include "ion/MIRGraph.h"
#include "ion/CompileInfo.h"

namespace js {
namespace ion {

class ValueNumberer
    struct ValueHasher
        typedef MDefinition * Lookup;
        typedef MDefinition * Key;
        static HashNumber hash(const Lookup &ins) {
            return ins->valueHash();

        static bool match(const Key &k, const Lookup &l) {
            // If one of the instructions depends on a store, and the
            // other instruction does not depend on the same store,
            // the instructions are not congruent.
            if (k->dependency() != l->dependency())
                return false;
            return k->congruentTo(l);

    typedef HashMap<MDefinition *,
                    IonAllocPolicy> ValueMap;

    struct DominatingValue
        MDefinition *def;
        uint32_t validUntil;

    typedef HashMap<uint32_t,
                    IonAllocPolicy> InstructionMap;

    uint32_t lookupValue(MDefinition *ins);
    MDefinition *findDominatingDef(InstructionMap &defs, MDefinition *ins, size_t index);

    MDefinition *simplify(MDefinition *def, bool useValueNumbers);
    MControlInstruction *simplifyControlInstruction(MControlInstruction *def);
    bool eliminateRedundancies();

    bool computeValueNumbers();

    inline bool isMarked(MDefinition *def) {
        return pessimisticPass_ || def->isInWorklist();

    void markDefinition(MDefinition *def);
    void unmarkDefinition(MDefinition *def);

    void markConsumers(MDefinition *def);
    void markBlock(MBasicBlock *block);
    void setClass(MDefinition *toSet, MDefinition *representative);

    static MDefinition *findSplit(MDefinition *);
    void breakClass(MDefinition*);

    MIRGenerator *mir;
    MIRGraph &graph_;
    ValueMap values;
    bool pessimisticPass_;
    size_t count_;

    ValueNumberer(MIRGenerator *mir, MIRGraph &graph, bool optimistic);
    bool analyze();
    bool clear();

class ValueNumberData : public TempObject {

    friend void ValueNumberer::breakClass(MDefinition*);
    friend MDefinition *ValueNumberer::findSplit(MDefinition*);
    uint32_t number;
    MDefinition *classNext;
    MDefinition *classPrev;

    ValueNumberData() : number(0), classNext(NULL), classPrev(NULL) {}

    void setValueNumber(uint32_t number_) {
        number = number_;

    uint32_t valueNumber() {
        return number;
    // Set the class of this to the given representative value.
    void setClass(MDefinition *thisDef, MDefinition *rep) {
        JS_ASSERT(thisDef->valueNumberData() == this);
        // If we are attempting to insert ourself, then nothing needs to be done.
        // However, if the definition to be inserted already has the correct value number,
        // it still needs to be inserted, since the value number needs to be updated lazily.
        // this updating tactic can leave the world in a state where thisDef is not in the
        // equivalence class of rep, but it has the same value number. Defs in this state
        // need to be re-processed.
        if (this == rep->valueNumberData())

        if (classNext)
            classNext->valueNumberData()->classPrev = classPrev;
        if (classPrev)
            classPrev->valueNumberData()->classNext = classNext;

        classPrev = rep;
        classNext = rep->valueNumberData()->classNext;

        if (rep->valueNumberData()->classNext)
            rep->valueNumberData()->classNext->valueNumberData()->classPrev = thisDef;
        rep->valueNumberData()->classNext = thisDef;
} // namespace ion
} // namespace js

#endif /* ion_ValueNumbering_h */