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Bug 1410794 - Change some |string| occurrences in nsIPrefBranch.idl to |ACString|. r=erahm. This makes the code nicer. In particular, it removes many getter_Copies() calls. The patch also converts a lot of nsCStrings to nsAutoCString, which will avoid heap allocation in the common case. The patch also renames PREF_CopyCharPref() as PREF_GetCStringPref(), because it's actually getting a string, not a char, and that matches the existing GetCString() and GetDefaultCString() methods. Correspondingly, it also renames PREF_SetCharPref() as PREF_SetCStringPref(). The |aPrefName| arguments in nsIPrefBranch.idl remain as |string| because they almost always involve passing in C string literals, and passing "foo" is much nicer than passing NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("foo"). It's worth noting that early versions of this patch used |AUTF8String| instead of |ACString|. But it turns out that libpref stores prefs internally as Latin1. And |ACString| is compatible with Latin1 but |AUTF8String| isn't, because non-ASCII Latin1 strings are not valid UTF-8!

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsITransferable;
interface nsIDragSession;
interface nsIDOMEvent;

 * Interfaces for overriding the built-in drag, drop, copy, and paste
 * implementations in the content area and editors. Use this to do things
 * such as prevent a drag from starting, adding or removing
 * data and flavors, or preventing the drop.
 * Embedders who want to have these hooks made available should implement
 * nsIClipboardDragDropHooks and use the command manager to send the
 * appropriate commands with these parameters/settings: 
 *      command:  cmd_clipboardDragDropHook
 *      params        value type   possible values
 *      "addhook"     isupports    nsIClipboardDragDropHooks as nsISupports
 *      "removehook"  isupports    nsIClipboardDragDropHooks as nsISupports
 * Notes:
 *  * Overrides/hooks need to be added to each window (as appropriate).
 *    Adding them to the first window does not enable them for every window.
 *  * If more than one implementation is set for a window, the hooks will be
 *    called in the order they are added.
 *  * Adding the same hook to the same window will not add a second call.
 *    Each hook can only be called once per user action/api.
 *  * Not all hooks are guaranteed to be called.  If there are multiple hooks
 *    set for a window, any of them has an opportunity to cancel the action
 *    so no further processing will occur.
 *  * If any errors occur (without setting the boolean result) the default
 *    action will occur.
 *  * AllowDrop will be called MANY times during drag so ensure that it is
 *    efficient. 

interface nsIClipboardDragDropHooks : nsISupports
   * Prevents the drag from starting
   * @param event DOM event (drag gesture)
   * @return TRUE  drag can proceed
   * @return FALSE drag is cancelled, does not go to OS
  boolean allowStartDrag(in nsIDOMEvent event);
   * Tells gecko whether a drop is allowed on this content area
   * @param event   DOM event (drag over)
   * @param session the drag session from which client can get
   *                   the flavors present or the actual data
   * @return TRUE  indicates to OS that if a drop does happen on this
   *                browser, it will be accepted.
   * @return FALSE indicates to OS drop is not allowed. On win32, this
   *                will change the cursor to "reject".
  boolean allowDrop(in nsIDOMEvent event, in nsIDragSession session);

   * Alter the flavors or data presented to the OS
   * Used for drag and copy actions
   * Because this can be called many times, it is highly recommended
   * that the implementation be very efficient so user feedback is
   * not negatively impacted.
   * @param event  DOM event (drag drop); null if triggered by copy.
   * @param trans  the transferable holding the list of flavors
   *               and the data for each flavor
   * @return TRUE  copy/drag can proceed
   * @return FALSE copy/drag is cancelled, does not go to OS
  boolean onCopyOrDrag(in nsIDOMEvent aEvent, in nsITransferable trans);

   * Provide an alternative action to the built-in behavior when
   * something is dropped on the browser or in an editor
   * @param event  DOM event (drag drop); null if triggered by paste.
   * @param trans  the transferable holding the list of flavors
   *               and the data for each flavor
   * @return TRUE  action was handled, do not perform built-in
   *                behavior
   * @return FALSE action was not overridden, do built-in behavior
  boolean onPasteOrDrop(in nsIDOMEvent event, in nsITransferable trans);