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Bug 1410794 - Change some |string| occurrences in nsIPrefBranch.idl to |ACString|. r=erahm. This makes the code nicer. In particular, it removes many getter_Copies() calls. The patch also converts a lot of nsCStrings to nsAutoCString, which will avoid heap allocation in the common case. The patch also renames PREF_CopyCharPref() as PREF_GetCStringPref(), because it's actually getting a string, not a char, and that matches the existing GetCString() and GetDefaultCString() methods. Correspondingly, it also renames PREF_SetCharPref() as PREF_SetCStringPref(). The |aPrefName| arguments in nsIPrefBranch.idl remain as |string| because they almost always involve passing in C string literals, and passing "foo" is much nicer than passing NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("foo"). It's worth noting that early versions of this patch used |AUTF8String| instead of |ACString|. But it turns out that libpref stores prefs internally as Latin1. And |ACString| is compatible with Latin1 but |AUTF8String| isn't, because non-ASCII Latin1 strings are not valid UTF-8!

# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

CONFIGURE_SUBST_FILES += ['installer/Makefile']

SPHINX_TREES['browser'] = 'docs'

DIRS += [

DIRS += [

    DIRS += ['installer/windows']


DIST_SUBDIR = 'browser'

    # Ensure a pre-built interfaces.xpt installed to the objdir by the artifact
    # code is included by the top-level chrome.manifest.

with Files("**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox", "General")

with Files(""):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("*.mk"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("**/"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("moz.configure"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("app.mozbuild"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files(""):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files(""):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("LICENSE"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("branding/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox", "General")

with Files("config/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config")

with Files("docs/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Toolkit", "Telemetry")

with Files("docs/DirectoryLinksProvider.rst"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox", "New Tab Page")

with Files("fonts/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Graphics: Text")

with Files("installer/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox", "Installer")

with Files("tools/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox", "General")