author Matthew Gregan <>
Thu, 08 May 2014 14:22:34 +1200
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Bug 1005366 - Tighten up handling of SourceBuffer decoder resets. r=cajbir

skip-if(B2G) load 459439-1.html # bug 888557
load 466607-1.html
load 466945-1.html
load 468763-1.html
load 474744-1.html
HTTP load 481136-1.html # needs to be HTTP to recognize the ogg as an audio file?
load 493915-1.html
skip-if(Android) load 495794-1.html
load 492286-1.xhtml
load 576612-1.html
skip-if(Android||B2G) load 691096-1.html # Android sound API can't handle playing large number of sounds at once, bug 852821 for B2G
load 752784-1.html
skip-if(Android||B2G) HTTP load 795892-1.html # load failed, bug 833371 for B2G
skip-if(Android||B2G) load 789075-1.html # load failed, bug 833371 for B2G
load 844563.html
load 846612.html
load 852838.html
load 865537-1.html
load 868504.html
load 874869.html
load 874915.html
load 874934.html
load 874952.html
load 875144.html
load 875596.html
load 875911.html
load 876024-1.html
load 876024-2.html
load 876118.html
load 876207.html
load 876215.html
load 876249.html
load 876252.html
load 876834.html
load 877820.html
load 878014.html
load 878328.html
load 878407.html
load 878478.html
load 877527.html
load 880129.html
skip-if(B2G) load 880202.html # load failed, bug 908306 for B2G
load 880342-1.html
load 880342-2.html
load 880384.html
load 880404.html
load 880724.html
load 881775.html
load 882956.html
test-pref(media.webvtt.enabled,true) load 882549.html
load 884459.html
load 889042.html
test-pref(media.webvtt.enabled,true) load 894104.html
load 907986-1.html
load 907986-2.html
load 907986-3.html
load 907986-4.html
load 910171-1.html
load 920987.html
load 925619-1.html
load 925619-2.html
load 926619.html
load 933151.html
load 933156.html
load 952756.html
load 986901.html
load buffer-source-ended-1.html
load offline-buffer-source-ended-1.html
skip-if(B2G) HTTP load media-element-source-seek-1.html # intermittent B2G timeouts, bug 994351
skip-if(B2G) load oscillator-ended-1.html # intermittent B2G timeouts, bug 920338
skip-if(B2G) load oscillator-ended-2.html # intermittent B2G timeouts, bug 920338
include ../../mediasource/test/crashtests/crashtests.list