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#include "gtest/gtest.h"

#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "Decoder.h"
#include "DecoderFactory.h"
#include "SourceBuffer.h"
#include "SurfacePipe.h"

// We want to ensure that we're testing the non-Skia fallback version of
// DownscalingFilter, but there are two issues:
//  (1) We don't know whether Skia is currently enabled.
//  (2) If we force disable it, the disabled version will get linked into the
//      binary and will cause the tests in TestDownscalingFilter to fail.
// To avoid these problems, we ensure that MOZ_ENABLE_SKIA is defined when
// including DownscalingFilter.h, and we use the preprocessor to redefine the
// DownscalingFilter class to DownscalingFilterNoSkia.

#define DownscalingFilter DownscalingFilterNoSkia


#  include "Common.h"
#  include "DownscalingFilter.h"


#  include "Common.h"
#  include "DownscalingFilter.h"


#undef DownscalingFilter

using namespace mozilla;
using namespace mozilla::gfx;
using namespace mozilla::image;

TEST(ImageDownscalingFilter, NoSkia)
  RefPtr<Decoder> decoder = CreateTrivialDecoder();

  // Configuring a DownscalingFilter should fail without Skia.
      decoder, DownscalingConfig{IntSize(100, 100), SurfaceFormat::B8G8R8A8},
      SurfaceConfig{decoder, IntSize(50, 50), SurfaceFormat::B8G8R8A8, false});