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#if !defined(MFTDecoder_h_)
#  define MFTDecoder_h_

#  include "WMF.h"
#  include "mozilla/ReentrantMonitor.h"
#  include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#  include "nsIThread.h"

namespace mozilla {

class MFTDecoder final {



  // Creates the MFT. First thing to do as part of setup.
  // Params:
  //  - aMFTClsID the clsid used by CoCreateInstance to instantiate the
  //    decoder MFT.
  HRESULT Create(const GUID& aMFTClsID);

  // Sets the input and output media types. Call after Init().
  // Params:
  //  - aInputType needs at least major and minor types set.
  //  - aOutputType needs at least major and minor types set.
  //    This is used to select the matching output type out
  //    of all the available output types of the MFT.
  HRESULT SetMediaTypes(
      IMFMediaType* aInputType, IMFMediaType* aOutputType,
      std::function<HRESULT(IMFMediaType*)>&& aCallback =
          [](IMFMediaType* aOutput) { return S_OK; });

  // Returns the MFT's IMFAttributes object.
  already_AddRefed<IMFAttributes> GetAttributes();

  // Retrieves the media type being output. This may not be valid until
  //  the first sample is decoded.
  HRESULT GetOutputMediaType(RefPtr<IMFMediaType>& aMediaType);
  const GUID& GetOutputMediaSubType() const { return mOutputSubType; }

  // Submits data into the MFT for processing.
  // Returns:
  //  - MF_E_NOTACCEPTING if the decoder can't accept input. The data
  //    must be resubmitted after Output() stops producing output.
  HRESULT Input(const uint8_t* aData, uint32_t aDataSize,
                int64_t aTimestampUsecs, int64_t aDurationUsecs);
  HRESULT Input(IMFSample* aSample);

  HRESULT CreateInputSample(const uint8_t* aData, uint32_t aDataSize,
                            int64_t aTimestampUsecs, int64_t aDurationUsecs,
                            RefPtr<IMFSample>* aOutSample);

  // Retrieves output from the MFT. Call this once Input() returns
  // MF_E_NOTACCEPTING. Some MFTs with hardware acceleration (the H.264
  // decoder MFT in particular) can't handle it if clients hold onto
  // references to the output IMFSample, so don't do that.
  // Returns:
  //  - MF_E_TRANSFORM_STREAM_CHANGE if the underlying stream output
  //    type changed. Retrieve the output media type and reconfig client,
  //    else you may misinterpret the MFT's output.
  //  - MF_E_TRANSFORM_NEED_MORE_INPUT if no output can be produced
  //    due to lack of input.
  //  - S_OK if an output frame is produced.
  HRESULT Output(RefPtr<IMFSample>* aOutput);

  // Sends a flush message to the MFT. This causes it to discard all
  // input data. Use before seeking.
  HRESULT Flush();

  // Sends a message to the MFT.

  HRESULT FindDecoderOutputTypeWithSubtype(const GUID& aSubType);
  HRESULT FindDecoderOutputType();

  // Will search a suitable MediaType using aTypeToUse if set, if not will
  // use the current mOutputType.
  HRESULT SetDecoderOutputType(
      const GUID& aSubType, IMFMediaType* aTypeToUse,
      std::function<HRESULT(IMFMediaType*)>&& aCallback);
  HRESULT CreateOutputSample(RefPtr<IMFSample>* aOutSample);


  RefPtr<IMFTransform> mDecoder;

  RefPtr<IMFMediaType> mOutputType;
  GUID mOutputSubType;

  // True if the IMFTransform allocates the samples that it returns.
  bool mMFTProvidesOutputSamples = false;

  // True if we need to mark the next sample as a discontinuity.
  bool mDiscontinuity = true;

}  // namespace mozilla