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Bug 377498 - mozIJSSubscriptLoader::loadSubScript does not support specifying the character encoding (treats all files as ISO-8859-1); r=bzbarsky a=jst

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(8792d77e-1dd2-11b2-ac7f-9bc9be4f2916)]
interface mozIJSSubScriptLoader : nsISupports
     * This method should only be called from JS!
     * In JS, the signature looks like:
     * rv loadSubScript (url [, obj] [, charset]);
     * @param url the url if the sub-script, it MUST be either a file:,
     *            resource:, or chrome: url, and MUST be local.
     * @param obj an optional object to evaluate the script onto, it
     *            defaults to the global object of the caller.
     * @param charset optionally specifies the character encoding of
     *                the file. If absent, the file is interpreted
		      as ASCII.
     * @retval rv the value returned by the sub-script
    void loadSubScript (in wstring url);