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Metadata-Version: 1.1
Name: macholib
Version: 1.7
Summary: Mach-O header analysis and editing
Author: Ronald Oussoren
License: MIT
Description: macholib can be used to analyze and edit Mach-O headers, the executable
        format used by Mac OS X.
        It's typically used as a dependency analysis tool, and also to rewrite dylib
        references in Mach-O headers to be @executable_path relative.
        Though this tool targets a platform specific file format, it is pure python
        code that is platform and endian independent.
        Release history
        macholib 1.7
        * Added support for ARM64, LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO_64 and LC_LINKER_OPTION
          Patch by Matthias Ringwald.
        * Load commands now have a "describe" method that returns more information
          about the command.
          Patch by David Dorsey.
        * The MAGIC value in the header was always represented in the native
          byte order, instead of as the value read from the binary.
          Patch by David Dorsey.
        * Added various new constants to "macholib.mach_o".
          Patch by David Dorsey.
        macholib 1.6.1
        * ?
        macholib 1.6
        * Add support for '@loader_path' link command in
          - Added function ``macholib.dyld.dyld_loader_search``
          - This function is used by ``macholib.dyld.dyld_find``,
            and that function now has an new (optional) argument
            with the path to the loader.
        * Also add support for '@loader_path' to macholib.MachoGraph,
          using the newly added '@loader_path' support in the
          dyld module.
          Due to this suppport the *macho_standalone* tool can
          now rewrite binaries that contain an '@loader_path' load
        macholib 1.5.2
        * Issue #93: Show the name of the affected file in the exception message
          for Mach-O headers that are too large to relocate.
        macholib 1.5.1
        * There were no 'classifiers' in the package metadata due to
          a bug in
        macholib 1.5
        macholib 1.5 is a minor feature release
        * No longer use 2to3 to provide Python 3 support
          As a side-effect of this macholib no longer supports
          Python 2.5 and earlier.
        * Adds suppport for some new macho load commands
        * Fix for py3k problem in
          Patch by Guanqun Lu.
        * Fix for some issues in
          Patch by Nam Nguyen
        * Issue #10: Fix for LC_DATA_IN_CODE linker commands, without
          this fix py2app cannot build application bundles when
          the source binaries have been compiled with Xcode 4.5.
        * Issue #6: Fix for LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO linker commands
        * Use the mach header information to print the cpu type of a
          binary, instead of trying to deduce that from pointer width
          and endianness.
          Changed the code because of issue #6, in which a user tries to
          dump a iOS binary which results in bogus output in the previous
        * The mapping ``macholib.macho_dump.ARCH_MAP`` is undocumented
          and no longer used by macholib itself. It will be removed
          in the next release.
        * The command-line tools ``macho_find``, ``macho_dump`` and
          ``macho_standalone`` are deprecated. Use "python -mmacholib"
          instead. That is::
           $ python -mmacholib dump /usr/bin/grep
           $ python -mmacholib find ~
           $ python -mmacholib standalone
          This makes it clearer which version of the tools are used.
        macholib 1.4.3
        macholib 1.4.3 is a minor feature release
        * Added strings for 'x86_64' and 'ppc64' to
        * macho_find and macho_dump were broken in the 1.4.2 release
        * added 'macholib.util.NOT_SYSTEM_FILES', a list of
          files that aren't system path's even though they are
          located in system locations.
          Needed to work around a bug in PySide (see issue #32 in the
          py2app tracker)
        macholib 1.4.2
        macholib 1.4.2 is a minor bugfix release
        * The support for new load commands that was added in 1.4.1
          contained a typo that caused problems on OSX 10.7 (Lion).
        macholib 1.4.1
        macholib 1.4.1 is a minor feature release
        - Add support for a number of new MachO load commands that were added
          during the lifetime of OSX 10.6: ``LC_LOAD_UPWARD_DYLIB``,
        macholib 1.4
        macholib 1.4 is a feature release
        - Documentation is now generated using `sphinx <>`_
          and can be viewed at <>.
        - The repository has moved to bitbucket
        - There now is a testsuite
        - Private functionality inside modules was renamed to
          a name starting with an underscore.
          .. note:: if this change affects your code you are relying on undefined
             implementation features, please stop using private functions.
        - The basic packable types in ``macholib.ptypes`` were renamed to better
          represent the corresponding C type. The table below lists the old
          an new names (the old names are still available, but are deprecated and
          will be removed in a future release).
          | **Old name** | **New name** |
          | p_byte       | p_int8       |
          | p_ubyte      | p_uint8      |
          | p_short      | p_int16      |
          | p_ushort     | p_uint16     |
          | p_int        | p_int32      |
          | p_uint       | p_uint32     |
          | p_long       | p_int32      |
          | p_ulong      | p_uint32     |
          | p_longlong   | p_int64      |
          | p_ulonglong  | p_uint64     |
          ``Macholib.ptypes.p_ptr`` is no longer present as it had an unclear
          definition and isn't actually used in the codebase.
        Bug fixes:
        - The semantics of ``dyld.dyld_default_search`` were changed a bit,
          it now first searches the framework path (if appropriate) and then
          the linker path, irrespective of the value of the ``DYLD_FALLBACK*``
          environment variables.
          Previous versions would change the search order when those variables
          was set, which is odd and doesn't correspond with the documented
          behaviour of the system dyld.
        - It is once again possible to install using python2.5
        - The source distribution includes all files, this was broken
          due to the switch to mercurial (which confused setuptools)
        macholib 1.3
        macholib 1.3 is a feature release.
        - Experimental Python 3.x support
          This version contains lightly tested support for Python 3.
        macholib 1.2.2
        macholib 1.2.2 is a bugfix release.
        Bug fixes:
        - Macholib should work better with 64-bit code
          (patch by Marc-Antoine Parent)
Keywords: Mach-O,,dyld
Platform: any
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